Yakpads Paddle Saddle

Yakpads Paddle Saddle Description

Yakpads gel seats are designed to increasethe seat comfort of any kayak or canoe by incorporating an elastomer gel (same is as used in bicycle saddles) into the cushioning which virtually eliminate potential pressure points. As an added bonus, the seat pads insulate the paddler from the a hot seat. One of the most common complaints around kayaking is seat discomfort and most factory seat pads do little in the way of actually cushioning the paddler. Radically improve your experience on the water with a Yakpad gel seat.

Additional Attributes

  • 16" wide, 12" front to back
  • Elastomer gel-filled padding with permanent memory-no pressure points
  • Soft Lycra-faced /neoprene seating surface- seamless
  • Non-skid base- keeps seat pad in position
  • Universal attachment system- fits any model and installation is super easy
  • Permanent installation hardware is also included

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Yakpads Paddle Saddle Reviews

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I honestly wasn’t super…

Submitted by: jon_vine2002 on 12/7/2021

I honestly wasn’t super impressed with the paddle saddle- it seemed fairly sturdy but just aggressively overpriced for what it is- and really could have put together something simpler and much more effective too, had I not purchased this.

It’s not a bad product, but an attempt to drain your wallet faster than your kayak ...


Provides just enough…

Submitted by: Jonathan-in-Vermont on 9/4/2019

Provides just enough cushioning to the molded seat of my touring kayak. No-slip bottom works well. Has eliminated any thoughts of what I'm sitting on while I'm paddling. Have had really good luck with other Cascade Creek products (yakgrips), so went with this one and am pleased.


Cascade Creek YakPads are a…

Submitted by: paddler549488 on 9/4/2019

Cascade Creek YakPads are a must for any kayaker who plans to paddle for more than an hour in training or recreation. The visco-elastic padding allows for a comfortable skin-seat interface that does not bind or crease the skin, even when wet. It disperses loading forces more evenly so that the important sciatic nerve is not compromised against a hard surface resulting in numb/tingling feet and lower limbs.


I received the Yakpad Paddle…

Submitted by: psovie on 5/9/2016
I received the Yakpad Paddle Saddle as a Christmas present and was sure it would be my favorite gift. I had been experiencing nerve pain in my buttocks on long kayak trips. I was sure this would solve the problem. Unfortunately it did not live up to my expectations. At first it is comfortable but after about 1/2 hr. I feel that it actually accentuates my problem. I am not a fan of this seat. Pros: easy to use, easy to secure, has an anti-skid backing, dries quickly. Cons: doesn't relieve the pressure on the buttocks that I expected.

I was introduced to the…

Submitted by: donnag on 7/24/2013
I was introduced to the Yakpad gel seat when kayaking in Costa Rica a few years ago, when I was having some leg pain after a long paddle. I had tried air filled cushions, but the gel seat was far superior. It was the best Christmas present under the tree that year, and I've used it ever since!

I agree, greatest invention…

Submitted by: paddler232438 on 4/29/2011
I agree, greatest invention since the paddle. Makes a huge difference, I basically can go all day now, kayak or canoe.

This is an almost excellent…

Submitted by: kocho on 11/15/2009
This is an almost excellent product. Almost, because it is quite heavy. The pad alone is heavier than my 4" deep foam seat.
Other than that it is extremely comfortable, stays put with nice rubber bumps on the bottom and can be tied down to the included loop, and allows easy rotation of your bum during paddling with its slippery cover and sliding squishy gell fill (the pad that is).

I added the high back Yakpad…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/13/2009
I added the high back Yakpad Paddle Saddle to my Perception Swifty and noticed unbelievable difference!!! I am now able to travel long distances in my Kayak and not suffer butt soreness!! Greatest invention since the paddle. Love them!!!!

I just got a new Yakpads SOT Paddle Saddle with the…

Submitted by: fishingcat on 8/18/2007
I just got a new Yakpads SOT Paddle Saddle with the optional mesh zippered seat back pouch. My hopes of a seat that agreed with my body were surpassed!

The pouch holds everything I need it to (sunglasses, four fly reels/spools, headlamp) with room left over; it not only has two water bottle holders with elastic straps to keep the bottles in, but two bottles were supplied.

On to the seat itself. Besides being very comfortable on my seat bones ("What seat bones?" I wondered as I paddled back hours later ... ), it also holds my body heat. The first time I was out with the Paddle Saddle, I reflected that my feet were a bit chilled, and then I noticed that my butt was a very comfortable temperature.

The mesh back of the seat doesn't hold heat -- a real plus in warm weather. The sides of the seat hug my hips securely without chafing, and the Paddle Saddle, once placed, does not scoot or slide AT ALL -- welcome features that make me and my SOT that much more unified.

I was able to adjust the back support just right -- no more aching back! -- and it fit just under my PFD instead of pushing it up or creating a non-supporting space in the lumbar area like other seats I've tried to date.

Both the Paddle Saddle and back pouch appear to have high-quality workmanship and materials. My only quibble is that the excess front adjustment straps end up next to the snap. As a flyfisher, I'd prefer the excess hung close to the seat back instead, more out of the way of flyline on the boat deck, but for just paddling it hasn't been a problem. Because Yakpads was not trying to create a fishing-specific seat, I have to give it a 10 because as a SOT paddling seat, it IS a 10!


New Yakpads SOT Paddle saddle. Great seat, vented mesh back, gel…

Submitted by: dbdb on 8/21/2006
New Yakpads SOT Paddle saddle. Great seat, vented mesh back, gel seat, zippered removable pouch with two drink bottle holders and a a strap to use it as a fanny pack when you wander off the river/lake/pond/ocean/etc... Nice high back for support. I give it a 10 out of 10. Great guys at Yakpads.

I’ll give them a 10! I spend…

Submitted by: paddler231446 on 2/1/2006
I’ll give them a 10! I spend a lot of time on flat water and was looking into getting a new seat. But with these things, who needs to! No more numb cheeks for me.

I love kayaking, but I love…

Submitted by: paddler231325 on 9/22/2005
I love kayaking, but I love it even more now that I don't suffer boat butt. This product is made for those of us that don't have a very maximus glutious. Foam pads just didn't cut it. As the commercial says "I'm jellin'". I use the high back model on my Loon 138(The Cadillac of yaks). To get a 10 they need to add a pouch on the back.