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This boat is a PIG. No 2 ways about it. It is a heavy duty PIG. But I love my PIG.
I have owned it for over 10 years. We have been down many a river here in Michigan together. I regret not buying the other one that Galyans had in stock at the time, had I known how good a boat it is.

The PIG is heavy, 65lbs. Not something most people want to toss on top of their SUV. I drive a Dodge pickup and it fits well in back. We did put it on top of the wife's Xterra once, PITA.

What makes the PIG great, it's indestructible. No bulkheads so when you need to limbo under that log ahead a 6'1" 200lb guy can lay flat in it and look at the spiders under the log. It has a huge cockpit so you can put your legs up and relax while floating down the river, Barcalounger for the water. It comes with a beer holder built into the seat.

By the way the seat sucks, get a Yak Pads gel seat cushion. Your bottom will thank you. This boat was made for floating. It is not the one for open water crossings unless you add some flotation bags in each end and have a spray skirt. The boat tracks well but has serious drag, that's why it is so stable. I also wish I had bought the hatch kit when Old Town still sold it. Watch garage sales and the classifieds, if you see one for sale snatch it up, you can't go wrong.

This is not my only boat, as kayakers know you kind of get a collection for different moods but the PIG is my "go to" boat.

Sizing info on the NRS web site is accurate. Quality made jacket.

New Yakpads SOT Paddle saddle. Great seat, vented mesh back, gel…

New Yakpads SOT Paddle saddle. Great seat, vented mesh back, gel seat, zippered removable pouch with two drink bottle holders and a a strap to use it as a fanny pack when you wander off the river/lake/pond/ocean/etc... Nice high back for support. I give it a 10 out of 10. Great guys at Yakpads.