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Name: psovie

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I received the Yakpad Paddle Saddle as a Christmas present and was sure it would be my favorite gift. I had been experiencing nerve pain in my buttocks on long kayak trips. I was sure this would solve the problem. Unfortunately it did not live up to my expectations. At first it is comfortable but after about 1/2 hr. I feel that it actually accentuates my problem. I am not a fan of this seat. Pros: easy to use, easy to secure, has an anti-skid backing, dries quickly. Cons: doesn't relieve the pressure on the buttocks that I expected.

I've owned the Perception Sport 13 for 3 seasons and am generally happy with it. It doesn't track as well as some so I may consider installing a rudder although that will cost a couple of hundred dollars. My major complaint is the seat. It isn't particularly comfortable and so I've added a small seat cushion which helps immensely. The seat back slips out of it's support and sinks down. Apparently this is a common problem with this kayak. I can see from recent reviews that the company has not corrected it. You would think with all the negative reviews about it they would solve it.

As a recreational kayaker, this gets me where I want to go on the St. Lawrence River. If the company would solve the problem with the seat back post and provide a little cushioning on the seat they would have an excellent product.

I've owned the Perception Sport Conduit 13.0 for 2 years. I purchased it at Dick's Sporting Goods for 500.00 on sale ($100.00 off). I use it on the St. Lawrence River which is a large river and we can have some rough waves.

This kayak is made of a durable material and withstands being pulled up on shore sometimes rocky pebbles resulting in only minor scratches. It tracks fairly well for an inexpensive kayak. The cockpit has a medium size opening so I don't have any trouble entering it. It also has footrest, however, they aren't padded so requires some footwear so your feet don't hurt pushing against them. The color is orange and yellow which is easily visible on the water. This one also has 2 storage areas to contain your gear and also straps across the top to stash a jacket.

The cons are there is no drain plug so if you get water in you must either sponge it out or tip it over ( it weighs 50 lbs.). The seat isn't very well padded and can cause some hip pain on long treks. I add a 1" cushion which helps immensely. Also, the seat back doesn't stay in its' track. This is very flimsy.

All in all, I'm satisfied and would recommend it for the price. If Perception corrected the few cons I mentioned, I would be willing to pay a little more.