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This is the Sea DVD

by  Cackle TV

This is the Sea DVD Description

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This is the Sea DVD Reviews


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This is the Sea DVD Reviews

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Nice video, good production,…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/15/2007
Nice video, good production, likeable paddlers including director and sometimes on-camera star Justine C. Pleasant on the eyes. The video has highlights that include the Russian experience with a 650 km paddle (even meeting the Russian Army tank), and I liked meeting Malagiaq Padilla, who I have heard about often. I love the profiles of the paddlers, but would like more off water footage (I know, I am crazy for saying this) that would show the paddlers at home, what makes them tick, why they paddle---sort of the person behind the paddle, if you will. There are hints of this on the video, but not a ton of it. And for the ocean surf paddling, tension makes for great video (hence, it was fun to see the Russian tank arrest the paddlers). Maybe more of a description of what is going on and goals and objectives of each paddle on the film. The only segment that had this, to me, was the one in Russia, which was very intriguing.

I hope Justine C, who is launching This is the Sea III in March 2007, will consider some inland paddling footage for us non-ocean dwelling paddlers. Ever see a motor boat wake paddle? They can make for great video, too. A fun kayaking video, try This is the Sea I.


What an fantastic video. I'm…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/11/2007
What an fantastic video. I'm actually going to Tybee Island this month with Mike Aronoff and friends to get some surfing instruction from Dale Williams!! Can't wait!!

I recently purchased this…

Submitted by: DGW on 2/21/2006
I recently purchased this video (This is the Sea), and although I did enjoy it, I thought it could be improved on. It was great to see a video that showed places and conditions that others have paddled. I particularly enjoyed the trip where the two woman and the young Russian take a three week coastal trip. But this is also where I thought there could have been improvement to the video. Such as maybe how they over came some of the logistical problems of their trip. More footage of camp life, packing and unpacking their kayaks. Perhaps some discussion on the equipment that they chose to use on their trip. I guess I was hoping for some helpful hints and suggestions, for extended trips in a kayak. Don't get me wrong, this video was by far the best that I have come to watch as compared to the " how to stuff". I even ordered the "This is the Sea Two" video. I enjoyed it for the entertainment value. For something a little different form the other videos, I would suggest watching this DVD.

Truly amazing! Beautiful…

Submitted by: mr_canoehead on 1/11/2006
Truly amazing! Beautiful scenery with paddlers doing things many people would not believe. There are some inspirational athletes in some awe-inspiring ocean. One of a kind. Loved it.

Kick @$$ video, if you…

Submitted by: paddler231388 on 11/27/2005
Kick @$$ video, if you thought you'd paddled some big water, the scenes in Wales are awesome, makes you want to be a pro, oh yeah and Hadas Feldman is a kayaking goddess.

This is a great DVD, awesome…

Submitted by: rionido on 7/11/2005
This is a great DVD, awesome footage and fantastic photography. You will learn by watching, instead of being taught. Treat it!
A happy viewer

The ultimate in sea-paddling…

Submitted by: feltman on 7/11/2005
The ultimate in sea-paddling porn (so to speak). We need more.

AWESOME!!!! Love this DVD!!!!…

Submitted by: paddler230768 on 7/8/2005
AWESOME!!!! Love this DVD!!!! Great footage!!!! Great places!!!!! Great people!!!!! Definitely love this movie!!!!! A must see....

This video/DVD is a must have…

Submitted by: Greyak on 6/15/2004
This video/DVD is a must have for Sea Kayakers. Awesome footage of paddling in surf and tidal rips! Many locations. Names you've heard before like Justine herself, Chris Duff, Maligiaq Padilla, Greg Stamer, both Nigels - and many more.

It's a great portrayal of sea kayaking as an active and exciting sport. This is entertainment - not training/lectures/lessons - but maybe even more instructive by example.

Just get it (I am not involved beyond being a happy customer).