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The Boat Cart is a accessory brought to you by C-Tug. Read Boat Cart reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other accessory recommendations below or explore all accessories to find the perfect one for you!

Boat Cart Reviews


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Boat Cart Reviews

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This is a game changer for…

Submitted by: Lamchop on 5/20/2020
This is a game changer for the solo paddler. This kayak cart is very easy! Easy to assemble and easy to disassemble for storage in/on your kayak. The C Tug is light weight, with large, slip resistant hull pads and an extra long secure strap, it makes transporting your kayak to your favorite paddling spot a breeze.

I have owned my C-Tug trolley…

Submitted by: paddler777262 on 5/17/2020
I have owned my C-Tug trolley for well over 10 years and it has handled everything I have thrown at it from solo Sit on Tops through 17ft composite sea kayaks to a 17ft Canadian open canoe loaded with gear and everything in between. It has trundled along tarmac roads, across Cornish fields and over sandy and shingle beaches (it can be a little hard work on soft sand but most trolleys are the same and you can now get alternative sand tyres for it). It has fitted inside the hatches of every kayak I have owned apart from my NDK Romany (10" round hatches too small to get it in unlike the oval rear hatches of my other kayaks). If threaded and used correctly I haven't had a problem with the original strap (later models have a new more robust clasp) - I usually attach a bugee from the strap to a point on the deck so that the kayak can't come off over rough ground. The support leg can sometimes drop out but again newer models have a revised design so this is now captive. I always try to rinse my C-Tug in fresh water after use and regularly treat it with 303 protectant ensuring to keep the axles clean and slick. Even when broken down into parts it is a little bulky compared to other trolleys and takes up a lot of room in my hatches but all in all it has been an excellent and robust trolley. Mine is still on the original air filled tyres and inner tubes and I see no reason why it won't last at least another 10 years.

I bought a fishing kayak last…

Submitted by: MattHarlow on 9/4/2019

I bought a fishing kayak last spring and at 80 lbs plus seat and gear it was just too much to lug down to the water. I tried other carts. Built a failure or two myself. Then I finally gave up and spent the money on a C-tug. Boy was it worth it. I can put my entire yak together by the truck and roll it right into the water. Love it to death!


So I bought a C-Tug, based on…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/4/2019

So I bought a C-Tug, based on the reviews on here and other sites. The idea of cradling my kayak or SUPs over a larger surface area seemed like a better design than the other simple aluminium frame designed carts, especially with any craft that has a v-shaped hull. The soft rubber pads grip my kayaks and SUPs and the wheels don't move around once the strap has been deployed. Also, having wheels that don't puncture on multi-day expeditions is a big selling point.

Regardless of some of the reviews on here, I can assemble/disassemble the C-Tug (just like the video) in 20 seconds. The straps are easy enough to set up as long as you use the common sense you were born with. If you don't have any, watch the videos from he manufacturers -simple!

I have used it when portaging around locks and also to get my kit to and from a shingle beach. It makes light work of pretty much any terrain and I've even gone down steps with a fully loaded (multi-day expedition) sea kayak. Haven't tried it on soft sand...

When kayaking, my hatches are full of kit, so I have some bungee to stow the C-Tug fully assembled (inverted) over one of my hatches. This worked well until I got a little bit crossed up on a canoe-chute at a lock and unknown to me, I must have contacted the C-Tug on the side of the concrete chute and one of the wheel retainers came undone. The first I knew of it was when I tipped my kayak to get it out of the water at the next lock and the wheel fell off. The wheels don't float and I watched the wheel sink to a watery grave. Personally I think that having wheels that don't float is a design flaw on a product that is meant to be used around water and assembled / disassembled. A new pair of wheels cost £30 on e-Bay.

Overall I'm very happy with it and I would recommend the product.


I love this cart for moving…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/30/2018

I love this cart for moving my sit on top kayaks. The C-Tug breaks down so you can lash it or stow it aboard while paddling. It is light and easy to use. I have moved three 9.5 perception tribes stacked together 500+ yards down the street, across a brick walkway, across a wooden boardwalk, and over soft and packed sand. Once you find the "sweet spot" where you can balance your boat(s) and still push or pull its a pretty sweet deal. I have the solid plastic wheels which are not the best for the soft sand. I think you can buy balloon type tires. If you are not good with tightening a strap you may struggle to get things set for you. When I get to my vacation spot I put the cart together, load up the boats, and then stack jackets, coolers, paddles on top. I keep it all together for the week and just push or pull it back and forth to the beach.


What a great device. Throw my…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/15/2018

What a great device. Throw my kayak on the sticky pads, lash it tightly and walk it into the water. If paddling on the lake where I live, I can simply leave it on the beach, but if I travel elsewhere, the C-Tug quickly snaps apart and can be stowed in the fore or aft storage holds.

The only change I made was to fabricate a six inch piece of concave lumber with a deck cleat on top and some velcro underneath. This allows me to lash the kayak to the C-Tug using just a few feet of rope, rather than the buckled straps that came with the device.


Very light and packs small,…

Submitted by: paddler236850 on 6/12/2016
Very light and packs small, its easy to take apart and fit into the oval hatch of a touring kayak. great for most hull shapes. Probably not quite as good over really rough ground as trollys with air filled rubber tyres.

Got this kayak cart a year…

Submitted by: paddler236563 on 10/13/2015
Got this kayak cart a year ago because of the reviews on it's ease of use and easy to stow. Like others have said, great on solid terrain and terrible on sand. If you have to contend with lots of sand save your money and get something else that has proven to be sand worthy. Because this cart isn't!

I purchased a c-Tug Cart…

Submitted by: Jdixon1791 on 10/4/2015
I purchased a c-Tug Cart that is very portable and works great. It breaks down and packs away in my Dry storage compartment with ease. It will carry a kayak loaded with all my gear.

I've used the C-Tug Kayak…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/4/2015
I've used the C-Tug Kayak cart for a year and a half. Like other users, I found the ease of use and hull storage to be big advantages of this cart. I had been satisfied with this kayak cart until it faced the challenges of soft sand. The manufacturer states, " this trolley is designed for all terrains to allow you to launch in places you never dreamed of." Well, I do a lot of ocean kayaking along the southern and central California coast. Some launches are relatively easy and some more challenging.

The C-tug excels on hard/firm/semi-firm surfaces. However this cart fails miserably on soft mud and soft sand. As stated by a previous reviewer, it is easier to drag the kayak bare hull over the sand vs plowing/trenching your way to the waters edge. For the $140 I spent on this kayak cart I'd expect it to haul my kayak over " all terrains to allow you to launch in places you never dreamed of." Fell short and disappointed.... especially since most of the beaches I have to traverse is over soft sand.


I love how the C-tug easily…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/30/2015
I love how the C-tug easily breaks down/stowable and easy to put back together. Worked well hauling 100+#'s of kayak and gear on MOST surfaces. This kayak cart fails on soft sand... like digging a trench! About gave my self a heart attack trying to trudge through 30 yards of the soft sand with my kayak and gear.

I rate it a 10/10 for firm surfaces and ease of breakdown. Gets a 0/10 for soft sand - easier just to drag the kayak bare hull on the sand. Overall 5/10.


Bought C-tug with hard…

Submitted by: paddler236529 on 9/22/2015
Bought C-tug with hard plastic wheels per recommendation of store clerk for use at Bowron Lake circuit in Canada for porting a single fiberglass kayak. C-tug performed extremely poorly and had to be abandoned after two portages. These wheels were a liability on the trip as we had to port other canoes and take a set of wheels back for the kayak resulting in 4 double portages. My kayak was damaged where it was in contact with the pads. White powder coated the pads after the 2nd portage. It takes at least 5 to 10 times the force to pull the kayak on the C-tug wheels in comparison with portage gear with bicycle type rubber wheels filled with air or foam even on flat ground or downhill.

Ok, I read many of the…

Submitted by: paddler236332 on 7/20/2015
Ok, I read many of the reviews of how great this was, and how easily the C-Tug hauled kayaks. I was immediately taken in by watching the videos on how well it worked, and how easy it looked to pull kayaks on all kinds of different terrain. Without seeing it on action with my own eyes, I bit the bullet and bought it. I anxiously waited for it to arrive, and quickly snapped it together to try out. I left the straps that came with it in the garage, and used the Yakima cinch strap that I use for my car. It worked well, and I was able to haul it to the lake easily. It handled stairs, a rooted section and sand well, and never made me worry about the kayak coming off. The C-Tug never moved down or slipped off the kayak on my 3/4 mile trek. Once at the lake, it disassembled easily and stored quickly in the front section of my Tarpon kayak. I went for a two hour cruise, and came back to shore and quickly assembled it back together and hauled it back to my car.

I keep going back to "quick", because it is just that, quick and oh so easy to use. Mind you, this was all before I tried to assemble the C-Tug straps. I'll be honest, I don't think I've ever seen something so easy looking, actually be so complicated that it made me swear. After watching the videos on their website and a couple of others on YouTube, I felt prepared to tackle the straps. I tried once, and failed miserably with the straps being backwards and the buckle being on the inside. I took it all apart, and watched the video again. Tried to assemble it again, and the same thing, all backwards. After a half dozen more tries and videos, it still didn't make any sense. After an hour, I put it down and let it sit overnight. I came back the next morning determined to figure it out, and after another 30 minutes of trying, finally figured out one side. I thought wow, this will be easy to duplicate on the other side.....wrong. It took a couple more tries to get the other side on. After that, the last buckle and latch are easy to assemble. I've used it now several times with the C-Tug straps, and am still happy with the overall product.

-Stable to use
-Handles a variety of terrains well
-The wings are easy on the kayak bottom
-Dissasembles quickly to stow in the kayak
-Weighs very little

-Strap assembly
-Strap assembly,
-Did I mention strap assembly?

Overall this is a quality product, and I am looking forward to years of use. If I could make one suggestion to the makers of C-Tug, it would be to drop the strap and just use a regular lashing strap. I think most people would find that easier to use, and a lot less complicated to assemble.


The C-TUG Kayak Cart is…

Submitted by: pevans2015 on 7/7/2015
The C-TUG Kayak Cart is simply awesome. Very light weight, very simple to use, and very tough. As soon as I received my C-TUG, I assembled it and strapped on my FeelFree Lure 11.5. I then pulled it around the yard, down the gravel drive way and over every obstacle I could find. The combination of elastomeric seat pads and great strappage held through the test, and every use since then.

The unit breaks down easily and fits in the front hatch of my Lure. The "sand hopper" wheels ride over sand even with a heavy load, max. 300 lbs, and take on large, rocky, uneven terrain with ease.

I am very pleased with the construction, performance and price of the C-TUG. Great product.


I am a 50+ year old woman…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/3/2014
I am a 50+ year old woman with limited strength to carry even a lightweight kayak or canoe. I own 2 carts -- a standard Malone-type cart and a C-tug. The C-tug is amazing and so easy to use. If I secure the strap, my sit-on-top (plastic) kayak never bounces off the cart. With this cart, I can easily roll my kayak from my vehicle to the water's edge. The cart is plastic, so it doesn't rust if it goes in the water. I can either disassemble quickly and stow the C-tug in my boat or leave it assembled and simply strap it onto the stern or bow for quick use at the end of my journey or during stops along the way. I absolutely LOVE my C-tug!

C-Tug is my favorite trolly.…

Submitted by: Kozmo18 on 8/13/2014
C-Tug is my favorite trolly. I bought another cheap-o model at a major sporting goods store, but found it to be more trouble than it was worth. This season, I bought two C-Tugs (with solid wheels) and they are great. I use them individually when two of us paddle together AND, even devised a way to link them solidly together as a four wheel cart to transport my old Sunfish sailboat. That brainstorm has saved my tired old back from considerable strain. I'd be happy to share those simple plans with anyone looking to do the same.

Don't waste your money!!! It…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/5/2013
Don't waste your money!!! It worked fine the three times I used it but the tires went flat after only being used three times. Took it back to the dealer where I bought it and they told me the tires were not covered under the warranty. I then emailed C-Tug Customer Service to see if they would send me a new set of wheels and and they never responded.

I tried to replace the inner tubes myself but it is impossible too get the tires off without buggering up the plastic rims. Basically the thing is useless now. It is currently sitting on the junk heap at the back corner of my garage waiting for my next trip to the county landfill.


After using many self-built…

Submitted by: trvlrerik on 3/27/2013
After using many self-built kayak carts I got the plastic (wide) wheel model. I found the strap system a pain to use with different widths of kayak, so I use a NRS lash strap instead. This works great!

The cart bends to adapt to nearly any shape sit inside kayak; not sure about SOT with a wider beam. The wide plastic solid tires are great on sand, mud and weed infested areas; on rocks and large pebbles not so great. The soft pneumatic tire model would be better for rocky surfaces. The cart easily breaks down and fits inside of all of my boats (WS Zephyr 155, Dagger Alchemys, Pyrahna Fusion S). I have had 2 kayaks with nearly 150lbs of gear on the cart and it works well.


I initially purchased the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/4/2012
I initially purchased the pneumatic tire version. One tube had a hole in it before I even used it. So zero marks for quality control. However, I was able to swap it out for the solid tire version. Other than the fact that the strap fastening device sucks big time, this is not a bad unit. I found that pushing the kayak while on the C-tug does allow you to make progress, as if you try to pull it, the kayak will slide off the C-tug as a consequence of not being able to snug down the straps. I will try and replace the buckle with some thing that works. As stated by another reviewer, the solid tires do not easily fit into either of my hatches, but I can take the seats off and store them and attach the frame and tires to the rear of the deck. Not ideal to have something that big there but it does work.

Works decent as long as you…

Submitted by: PaddleDog58 on 9/10/2012
Works decent as long as you don't have to put air in the tires if they are flat. As mentioned below the regular air chuck does not fit. I had to put a small flat blade screwdriver through the rim to keep the stem out. Was a bit worried about puncturing the tube; blunt end would be better instead of a screw driver. So after 20 minutes of experimentation the tires are re-inflated. Second time would be faster. Better not to get a flat or let them go down. Mine were sitting for a while. Otherwise it is good!

I love the C-tug. The straps…

Submitted by: paddler233876 on 8/23/2012
I love the C-tug. The straps are hard to get used to but I have made them work by pulling the tug further up my kayak. At 5'2" it is easy for me to pull and is great to help get my boat onto my Tacoma's topper (with the assistance of a ladder of course!) but virtually unassisted. I read the directions, snapped it together, away I went The shop I bought it from called me and said they had new wheels for me and mailed them without me even knowing there was a problem. Paddle time comes, snap my Tug together off I go, no worries. I love it. It's now 3 yrs old.

Have used C-Tug to portage…

Submitted by: paddler234645 on 7/9/2012
Have used C-Tug to portage canoes and it worked very well for the first 20km of portage trail use. On my last trip I was carrying over a 3.5km trail and the retaining pin broke down and came off. Turns out the plastic hub (which rotates over a vented plastic sleeve) broke down with friction. Unless the rotating hub mechanism is re-designed, I would not recommend. Otherwise, a great idea.

The C-tug is well-conceived…

Submitted by: paddler234617 on 6/25/2012
The C-tug is well-conceived and generally well-executed piece of work. In a area where most offerings are home-grown or cottage-industry in scale, it's a pleasure to come across a professionally produced piece of kit at a reasonable price. I have now owned 2 of these over a period of years, and would heartily recommend them for non-serious use. There are just a few minor things to watch out for, based on my experience:
  1. The wheels have pressed-in (plastic) bearing sleeves. In our recent descent of the Rhine (with dozens of portages) one of these sleeves fell out and by the time we noticed, we had damaged the wheel and both axles beyond repair. For good measure, the tire valve failed. We managed to complete the trip, but only just.
  2. I subsequently upgraded to the new "sandhopper" one with solid wheels. This is a major improvement! The wheel bearings can still fall out, but punctures are a thing of the past. One minor downside for me is that the wheels have been made fractionally too large to fit through a standard 10-inch sea kayak hatch (being the same size as the pneumatic ones, but without the ability to deflate). They also don't float, so can't be carried in the cockpit. Hence this version is no use for my current boat, and indeed many classic sea kayaks (NDK Romany, Explorer etc). Luckily, I'm always looking for the opportunity to spend money, so this is a golden opportunity to replace the boat itself.
  3. The strap arrangement on both versions is pretty ineffective, as others have pointed out. You can't tension it properly, even if you follow the instructions carefully. Luckily it's only a few hours work to make up something decent using a standard 35mm cinching strap and some marine-grade stitching.
In short, this is a superb bit of kit, provided you buy the version you can fit in your boat, spend a few hours replacing the strap, keep a watchful eye on the wheel bearings, and don't use it for anything serious!

Not much to add to the rest…

Submitted by: paddler234552 on 5/29/2012
Not much to add to the rest of the reviews here, TrevorN pretty much nails it: works great, breaks down easily for stowage in your kayak, tires smell really bad at first. Very stable platform.

My mom bought me one of these…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/27/2012
My mom bought me one of these for Christmas after I hurt my back moving my heavy Rouge River Canoe. It works great once you get the canoe on the thing but that can be difficult because the kick stand will not hold it upright unless it is sitting on a perfectly level surface (like my garage floor) most river banks and launch areas are not perfectly level so you set the C-Tug up then as soon as you pick the canoe up to put it on the C-Tug, it falls over.

I have also used my C-Tug to move my Sunfish sailboat around. I can put the Sunfish hull on it either right side up or upside down. Since the C-Tug is padded with a green rubberized material it will not scratch my hull or deck.

The rubber tires smelled AWFUL when I first took it out of the box but since I keep it out in my garage it was not a huge issue and after several months they seem to have aired out. A standard air chuck will not work to pump up the tires but I was able to use my small portable air compressor that plugs into the cigarette lighter on the car to pump them up. So far I have not had any problem with them going flat.

If I take the C-Tug apart it will easily fit in the rear hatch of either my Impex Susquehanna sea kayak or my Wilderness Systems Pungo 140. Since the C-tug is all plastic and the axles are made of stainless steel getting dunked in salt water will not harm it like some other carts.

Overall I give it a nine due to the kick stand issue, but it is a very useful cart.


I purchased the C-Tug about a…

Submitted by: paddler234057 on 4/11/2012
I purchased the C-Tug about a year ago after doing some online research. The C-Tug is an awesome kayak cart. It is made completely of heavy duty plastic with pneumatic wheels. No metal parts mean no rust or scratches on anything. It assembles easily and quickly breaks down into six pieces. When broken down, it fits nicely into the front hatch of my Tarpon 120.

There is also a YouTube video showing it being used upside down to help load your yak onto the roof of your vehicle, as well as the c-tug also being put together in a way to make it into a seat to use when sitting on a river bank, etc. So it does have a couple other uses besides a kayak cart.


I purchased this cart last…

Submitted by: Darc2011 on 3/27/2012
I purchased this cart last year and find it very well built. It breaks down just as easy as advertised. I agree with most, in that I didn't like the strap; I replaced with a simple ratchet strap and have not had any issues. Best of all it easily fits in the rear hatch of a WS 14' Tsunami. I can understand the ground clearance issue from below but again you have to look at where you plan to go and buy accordingly.

Fantastic, simple and value for the money. I have been meaning to…

Submitted by: paddler232079 on 11/17/2011
Fantastic, simple and value for the money.
I have been meaning to review my C-TUG purchase for a few months now but have been to busy with the late summer. This is perhaps the 4th cart I have purchased over the last 15 years. I have also tried to make a few. Not so good!

The C-TUG Cart is superior to anything I have used. I got the new hard wheels - they are ingenious. Very impressive unit and look forward to next seasons paddles!


We just completed a 6 day…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/22/2011
We just completed a 6 day canoe trip on the Bowron Lakes. The c tug was totally unsuitable for the majority of the portages (8 in total) on this route. The main problem was the size of the tires. They simply weren't big enough to handle the rough rocky trails and the deeper mud holes. People using other carts with larger wheels had no difficulty at all. On the smoother and newer trails the c tug was merely adequate. The wheels squeaked and we found that even though we are not tall people, we were hunched over when pulling the cart because it was so low. We have a 17 foot kevlar Clipper canoe, so weight was not an issue. I doubt we will use this cart much.

I purchased a C-Tug a while…

Submitted by: jpcorrigan on 5/6/2011
I purchased a C-Tug a while back and love it. The only issue I have is the stem for the tires. It is too short for a conventional air chuck and for some reason typical extensions won't fit. Maybe a metric thing. After getting air in the tires I have not lost any (yet). I have recommended this to others for their use and outfitters for a product line for their stores.

Had a flat tire in November…

Submitted by: paddler232079 on 2/4/2011
Had a flat tire in November and called Peter at C-TUG. Suggested I wait till the new wheels arrive.

Just got my set today and "EXCELLENT" - no smell - never go flat and weighs less. These guys have got it together... I'm moving to New Zealand. Why can't we do this here in North America?


Bought this 2 years ago for…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/19/2010
Bought this 2 years ago for my sailboat and thought it was a terrific design. The stabilizing foot broke early on (has since been redesigned), and the good guys in New Zealand sent me 2 new feet for the cost of shipping - $10. No further problems. Have used it since for an inflatable kayak--goes well over sand. Very happy with it!

Great cart although a bit…

Submitted by: kesukseeker on 7/15/2010
Great cart although a bit pungent... yes pungent. The cart can really stink out a garage (plastic/petroleum smell). I used the cart on a multi-day trip that included portages of up to a half mile on different terrains (sand, trails, compact dirt). Worked great. I will say the cross bars are a bit large and occupy valuable space on a longer trip. The bars did secure to aft deck nicely.

Read your reviews and went…

Submitted by: paddler233029 on 5/19/2010
Read your reviews and went out to buy a C-Tug. A couple of days later I drove over the cart and broke the axle - called the guy in Vancouver who runs the USA business and he sent me a new piece on the turn. No questions asked. Great service and great cart.

Found the C-TUG in the local…

Submitted by: paddler232079 on 4/7/2010
Found the C-TUG in the local Yak store. Not sure at first but now that I'm using the cart it is great. The straps are excellent - at first I did not read the instructions (I'm a guy) after following the "pictures" it all made sense - nearly perfect. I would highly recommend this cart over everything else I have tried.

I highly recommend this cart.…

Submitted by: pshanejones on 1/1/2010
I highly recommend this cart. The construction of the components and the assembly method is first rate. As other reviewers have stated, the strap is over-designed and just plain silly. Don't even bother with removing from the box, just use a conventional tie down strap and it's so much easier.

The C-Tug is a great little…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/17/2009
The C-Tug is a great little cart that breaks down for storage. One issue I had with the cart was the straps - they could be replaced for something sturdier - but other than that, it's a great portage solution. The weight capacity was a real selling point for me - at 300 lbs., it can carry my yak (70 lbs.) filled with everything I could possibly take on a camping/paddling/fishing trip.

I recently returned from New…

Submitted by: paddler233029 on 2/26/2009
I recently returned from New Zealand where I purchased a C-Tug, from Payless Plastics in Whangarei. What a pleasure to use. Straps took a bit of adjusting to, but other than that I'm now a pro at pulling it apart and stowing it.

Being all plastic is a plus for saltwater, but wash it down after each use or the C-Tug will start squeaking. My cost was about $130 USD when I bought it and have now owned and used it for 13 months - no issues.