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Name: jpcorrigan

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I purchased a C-Tug a while back and love it. The only issue I have is the stem for the tires. It is too short for a conventional air chuck and for some reason typical extensions won't fit. Maybe a metric thing. After getting air in the tires I have not lost any (yet). I have recommended this to others for their use and outfitters for a product line for their stores.

The slider is a very cool storage compartment for SOT's that slides out of your way when not needed. It mounts in no time with very little invasion of your hull. I purchased one and had it installed on my Wilderness System Tarpon 16 in less than a half hour. The slider comes complete with mounting hardware so there is nothing to buy. Hardware is all stainless and the body is PVC so there is little to no worry of rust. The Yakdaddy is designed for the fisherman but any time you're paddling and you want a place to put things, this will fit the bill. Check it out at You will ask "Why didn't I think of that"?

I have had my WS Tarpon 160 for several years now. I bought it new and it was my first and only yak. I purchased it with the rudder system installed. I don't see changing to any other make or model.

I use it for fishing and have added several creature features. The large hatch covers made the instillation easy. I am planning on a trip through the Everglades and finding I will have plenty of room for gear and provisions.

One purchases a long boat for speed and tracking and the Tarpon 160 has both. That being said turning a 16' boat around in a narrow channel with paddles is a chore for anyone; the rudder system is a big help. Nothing beats boat length at the end of the day and several miles to paddle back. The tracking and glide length of the Tarpon 160 makes you happy with your purchase. As with everyone else the weight going up and on a SUV is an issue. I just say it's keeping me fit.

Comparing this to other brands, there is not a better built or one with better features. Again, I don't see a reason to change make or model and would recommend this boat to anyone.