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Excellent hard chined sea/touring boat. I'm 6' 220lb and 50 yrs old have owned a 14' Tsunami and a 17' CD Sirrocco. So Delta 17' Sport gives you the handling of a Sirrocco with the stability of the Tsunami. The secondary is exceptional and I find the primary very good now I'm comparing this to the Sirrocco who's primary is tender if your over 200lbs and tall.

I love how it tracks but can carves a turn with some lean and a real hard secondary due to the hard chine. Mines rudders I wanted a skeg but price was right. Would recommend this boat highly

Follow up review. I am new to rolling, but I can say this…

Follow up review.
I am new to rolling, but I can say this yak rolls very easy. I do a C to C and yak rights itself very easily. Of note thought are the hatches which are not water tight, they are rubber with a bungy cord around the outside which I might look at replacing with tighter cord. Nothing major and I guess that why we have dry bags. Still loving it and it fits big guys great.

Recently purchased a Sirocco after hunting for a rockered longer boat as compared to my Wilderness System 14' Tsunami. I wanted to move up in skill level with a boat that would allow this ..WOW is this the boat.

Other reviews had prepared me for the "30 mins to get use to it" and this is right actually I looked at my watch and at 26 min I said hey I like this. The first trip I pushed off and thought I was reselling the boat due to its twitchy feel compared to my Tsunami. But this would be like comparing a race car to the family station wagon.

Not a boat for your first time but once you actually hook into the boat vs just sitting there it handles, like an earlier review stated, like a jet fighter. I have paddled in 2' chop with strong winds and the rougher the water the more stable this boat becomes. The adjustable skeg allows you to go from super maneuverable to on a rail tracking by moving a lever.

The overall feel is a yak that wants to play and by my fourth trip I feel as confident as my tsunami. I would not recommend this yak as a first time boat if you big like me 6' and 215lb but if you want to move to a higher skill level boat that you will really have fun with this yaks for you. I also love the low back deck and low front very little wind effect. I can roll C to C but have not tried this yet (water still very cold in Canada eh.

Thank you for all the other reviews in helping me make my final decision.

ps the mermaid on the front is also a really cool touch

I purchased this cart last year and find it very well built. It breaks down just as easy as advertised. I agree with most, in that I didn't like the strap; I replaced with a simple ratchet strap and have not had any issues. Best of all it easily fits in the rear hatch of a WS 14' Tsunami. I can understand the ground clearance issue from below but again you have to look at where you plan to go and buy accordingly.

Excellent overall product. The deck is taunt with out being hard to put on, excellent release with secondary euro style strap for releasing skirt, (or I guess holding a water bottle)but the easily adjustable velcro tunnel allows easy fit based on what you wearing (longer season as where I live it is truly 4 seasons) I have the breathable version which is great for myself weather has been cool of late so unsure of how breathable it is but so far I am extremely happy, Excellent workmanship

We recently purchased 2 x 140's(Roto)with rudders, after spending forever review every kayak know to man on this site - LOL
We needed something that our teenage daughters could use when we all hit the lake (we have a tandem for me and the wife) but we also want the ability to use them ourselves solo. We are mostly in smaller lakes but 1/3 of the time in a wide class 1/2 river (rocky beaches)
Short story... the WS Tsunami 140 were just the ticket. Exceptionally adjustable seat, great storage (0 problems with hatches they go on and off effortlessly and hold out the water.(I flipped boat and held hatches under for 1 min..0 water)

The workmanship is excellent to really see it put a Necky and a WS side by side and it really stands out. I am 6' and 220lb and can easily enter and exit the cockpit just fine and with the easy of the adjustable thigh brace I can refit the boat to my daughter size in under 60 sec.
This boat tracks great, and yes you can turn it quick without the rudder using some basic strokes but deploy the rudder and it spins on a dime. Wind conditions and chop have so far not saddened our decision to purchase.

I really wanted a Delta 15.5 but after doing comparing paddles back to back the Tsumami just took less effort to keep straight (no rudder deployed)while paddling into headwind with 2 ft chop. I do like the Delta rudder controls better(gas petal style)however certainly not a deal breaker plus I could retro fit Seadogs brand petals if I had to have gas petal style. Finally the seat is the best, I have sat in a few different types but again I recommend you to look at and sit in this seat once and it will speak for itself.

I recently purchased this kayak based on others review and after having taken a number of day trips(longest being 17 miles)I can say its a great 2 person beginners kayak. The rudder is a must but it tracks nice, does ok for speed (gps 3.5 easy 4.0 pushing and 5.3 wide open)Super stable and forgiving. Without skirt you tend to put lots of water into kayak (open cockpit design) but that's what sponges are for.