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Slice Kayak Paddle

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Bending Branches
Slice Kayak Paddle Reviews

Read reviews for the Slice Kayak Paddle by Bending Branches as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

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I purchased my first kayak…

Submitted by: meatguy on 4/27/2016
I purchased my first kayak last summer. Prior to that, I had only rented or borrowed one. I never paid much attention to the paddles I used with them. I needed to decide on what paddles to use with my new kayak and these are what I chose. The longest outing I've done so far is about 3+ hours. My arms & hands haven't been the least bit fatigued using these paddles. They are very light, easy to grip and power me along in the water just fine. They are far superior to anything I had ever used before. Would highly recommend them.

This is a versatile paddle…

Submitted by: jamoaque on 7/21/2015
This is a versatile paddle due to its length adjustability from 225 cm all the way up to 240 cm, plus its ability to feather at any angle you want. It’s easy to adjust. I suppose the paddle cost is higher than if it did not have the adjustability, so you need to determine if that feature is important to you. The weight of 36 ounces is not bad for having those adjustability features, plus the full length option of 240 cm.

Overall, it paddles well and has a good feel to it. The main reason I gave it an 8 instead of a 9 is that it seems like a "wetter" paddle than some. I observed it closely as I paddled and I believe it is due to the higher angle change (about 70 degrees) that the blade surface angles at for about the last inch and a half before the it reaches the black shaft part. That gives the water flowing from the blade face a sudden enough change of direction that the water can release from the blade and drip down from there (into the boat) instead of staying on the paddle and flowing all the way to the shaft and being caught by the drip ring.

Their Infusion Dream paddle has more like a 40 degree angle change, and it paddles drier. Also note that the rating is given assuming it will have good durability on the adjuster feature (I haven’t used it enough to prove this yet).


Have been using Bending…

Submitted by: sg6 on 7/31/2014
Have been using Bending Branches paddles for several years, have never had a problem. Good quality and seems bullet proof. Use with my Ocean kayak sit in top. A paddle u can count on!!!!!

Got this HYBRID Slice -…

Submitted by: paddler235142 on 7/24/2013
Got this HYBRID Slice - carbon fiber shaft, in small shaft size with fiberglass blades - size 230 for an XL Perception Sundance cockpit AND my new NALU paddle board for times I might want to sit. This thing is killer light and as a HIGH ANGLE paddle, provides an excellent cardio workout.

I tend to paddle strong and fast and this paddle keeps up. the carbon fiber shaft is checkered which allows better wet grip. i love how water moves so quickly off it. it is perfect for both the Sundance, and my newest love, PADDLEBOARDING (while in seated position).


180 cm BB Slice Glass Well designed for the solo canoe, ideal for…

Submitted by: paddler235148 on 7/24/2013
180 cm BB Slice Glass
Well designed for the solo canoe, ideal for the kneeling position. The extra length makes the stroke easy, very lightweight for a high angle stroke, 3-position lock for a 45 deg twist in either direction. Flexible, but strong enough to dig out of gravel bars and muddy banks.
Love it!

I purchased the Slice Glass…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/23/2013
I purchased the Slice Glass solo canoe paddle. I typically paddle my OT Pack with a single blade. However, I purchased this paddle for when I go out with my kayak friends. I use the double blade to keep up and the single blade when in any kind of rapids.

I do like the paddle. It is 260 cm giving plenty of length to reach the water in the wide solo canoe. It is lighter than my old kayak paddle. It does stick a little when breaking it down but not bad. The only negative was the price.
I would recommend.


This paddle has paid for…

Submitted by: spliffed on 7/22/2013
This paddle has paid for itself already. I use it to retrieve all those lost lures that people leave behind. It is nice and stiff too and not heavy at all. I even use it as a push pole and it has not folded on me. A great paddle and a great price.

Bought this paddle w/ my…

Submitted by: paddler233296 on 8/10/2009
Bought this paddle w/ my first kayak (a Tarpon 120). Love the weight, feel, power of the paddle. However, my only issue (a pretty big one in my book) is that it holds water. The water gets trapped where the paddle and shaft meet so there's no way to get it out. I have yet to find out what the long term affect will be...

I got the Bending Branches…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/10/2009
I got the Bending Branches Slice Solo canoe paddle, 280 cm. Makes handling a canoe solo a breeze, and helps maintain headway in my 17 ft. canoe in a real breeze. Was able to maintain about 3.5 kts. for five solid hours with only one 10 min. break. It's light, comfortable, but powerful.

I purchased a 240cm Slice…

Submitted by: dregsfan on 1/27/2009
I purchased a 240cm Slice Angler model along with my first kayak, an Old Town Voyager 111. This BB model is a great entry-level paddle. I wanted a brand name paddle with a fiberglass or carbon shaft. Carbon models were not in my price range. The Angler met all my requirements and then some. A great value from a reputable company. Can’t wait ‘til I haul in my first fish to use the ruler feature!

I paid $90 at Sportsman’s…

Submitted by: paddler232722 on 8/12/2008
I paid $90 at Sportsman’s Warehouse for the BB Slice Angler Paddle. All that makes it an Angler is the measurement markings on the shaft for measuring your catch, line, etc.

Pros: It's very light and there’s no play where the two halves connect in the middle. The blade is big enough to really push the kayak but not too big to cause too much strain. Cons: While many fiberglass shafts flex a little, this one feels like it flexes just a bit too much. I personally prefer a more rigid feel. Also since the shaft is not watertight, the foam inside tends to not let the water drain properly so that there is always an ounce or two of water inside that can only be removed by taking out the foam and draining it. Since there's not much room to work with in there, trying to get a hold of the foam can be a bit of a pain in the neck.

I would expect small issues from a cheap paddle but Bending Branches is a respectable company with many years of outfitting. I know this paddle was considerably more expensive when it first hit the market a few years ago. These issues should have been worked out in production. But overall, you cant beat the price for such a light paddle.


Love this paddle! Friends…

Submitted by: whispergirl on 11/16/2006
Love this paddle! Friends bought my Slice for my birthday. It is easy to control and light enough to go the distance.

I love it. It's quite light…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/29/2006
I love it. It's quite light but very strong. The carbon shaft combine with the Carbon/Nylon composite blades give this paddle the strength of a plastic paddle and the negligible weight of a carbon paddle, without the price of a full carbon paddle. Though I don't race(yet), I paddle hard, and the weight of this paddle has never been a problem.

I just got the BB Slice,…

Submitted by: Jimbo on 5/10/2006
I just got the BB Slice, fiberglass, with the telescoping shaft, and I love it. The variable length/angle is so helpful.... I reset it 5-6 time in one trip to match wind and current conditions. Nice for both low angle touring, and high angle power strokes. The blades are multipurpose and do well for longer trips or short power trips. Cam system easy to adjust and reliable so far. I sold three other paddles to buy this one. Good move.

Lightweight (30 oz), no…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/28/2006
Lightweight (30 oz), no flutter as much as I tried to stress this paddle. Very stiff. The carbon reinforced blade bulletproof so far. Rock solid feel. Great paddle for $179.