Name: Sjg6

Most Recent Reviews

Very good quality, tunnel hull for great stability. Good fishing platform. Good for small lakes and slow moving rivers . Not made for class 2 . Highly recommend 👍👍👍

Have been using Bending Branches paddles for several years, have never had a problem. Good quality and seems bullet proof. Use with my Ocean kayak sit in top. A paddle u can count on!!!!!

A great sit on top!! Can sit on it sideways it is so stable. Not meant for speed, but holds up to the waves and as stable as a rock. I have used on flat water and class 2 rivers. A 10 in my book!!!

I have 3 Rippers, flat water, moving water, they can handle class 2 water.Will fit inside my caravan with the seats down.Fun to paddle and lightweight.Wish wilderness would put them back into production. A SOLID 10 !!!

Nice hybrid; similar to native ultimate 12, but not as comfortable, also heavier. Is more stable and can carry more weight, would recommend. Only gave an 8 because of weight and native 12 turns on a dime compared to this craft, still a nice craft