Name: Jimbo

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I bought Mad River's Reflection 15 (formerly produced as the Dagger Reflection 15) at the end of August, 2009, and have been delighted with the design and style of this boat. I immediately added a caned solo seat,(original Mad River seat from REI), 18" behind the portage yoke, and have found this to be a quick, responsive solo canoe that tracks well even in some wind. The narrower beam (32"), makes for a fast and easy glide. It leans/edges well, without feeling tippy. I both kneel on a pad and lean against the seat, like a kneeling thwart, or just sit on the solo seat when my old knees get stiff. And, it works very well as a tandem (it's original purpose!). My wife is pleased with the greater speed and longer glide compared to some former fishing canoes. The weight of the royalex, about 57 lbs, makes for easy car-topping, and I get out at least twice a week! This canoe is designed as a tandem, but with the correctly placed solo seat, works extremely well as both a tandem, or as a sol canoe. My only disappointment was with the gunwale rivets and end caps. Some rivets were not completely pulled through, or were crooked, and the plastic ends and end caps were rough with plastic burrs, and hastily assembled. I might replace these all next year with handmade wooden pieces and scuppered gunwales. Overall, though, a great flatwater, day trip, and shorter tripping boat. Go out a buy one!

I bought a Kestrel 140 in TCS yesterday and went out this morning. I could not believe how smooth, and how fast the composite material is!! I have always paddled poly boats (Kestrel 12, perception spectrum, and Prion Seayak). They have been fine boats, but this one is so sweet!! Mine does have a rudder, and I used it only once. It is helpful, but only when really needed. I literally can light this with one arm, and now even enjoy walking farther distances to the put in spots. I have enjoyed other Current Designs boats, and now certainly have fallen in love again with this new boat. It's even a fun color... Caribbean Blue/Turquoise. My wife and daughter especially like the color and gel coat shine!!

I recently bought a used Spectrum and it has served my needs very well. It seems to have a bit of a rocker, so it does turn easily. This also means it takes just a bit of concentration to keep it tracking well. After 5x on the water, it now feels natural. I also have an upgraded rudder, which helps in windy conditions, although I can feel just a bit of a drag. The cockpit is very roomy; I sold my Prijon Seayak, because it was too tight. This has much more space and more comfortable for wet exits. I did need to upgrade the plastic backrest to an ergo back band; this gave me more adjustability in the seating. It's an older style boat... no fancy Greenland bow, but it is so functional. Shorter length makes for easy loading and transport. Good all-around day boat.

I just got the BB Slice, fiberglass, with the telescoping shaft, and I love it. The variable length/angle is so helpful.... I reset it 5-6 time in one trip to match wind and current conditions. Nice for both low angle touring, and high angle power strokes. The blades are multipurpose and do well for longer trips or short power trips. Cam system easy to adjust and reliable so far. I sold three other paddles to buy this one. Good move.

I have paddled my kestrel 12 for a full season this past summer. I found it to be a very versatile and user-friendly boat. It is easy and light to transport, and responds very well especially in flat waters on smaller lakes. It is a good mix between a rec and a touring boat. I like it, but my 11 year old daughter loves it! We fight over who gets to paddle it. I did have some trouble tracking/gliding on larger lakes, with waves or chop. A skeg or a rudder would really help. I have since purchased another larger, sea kayaking boat for bigger waters, but still like my Kestrel for early morning glides and quick trips during my lunch hour!! Good value on a solid, stable boat.