Canoeing in Delaware

Canoeing Trips in Delaware

Winding creeks, rivers, and tranquil ponds are your main inland destinations in Delaware. If you care to ride the tides, there are numerous bays and sheltered waterways along the coast to explore! Check out all canoeing trips in Delaware for every level of canoeist. Whether you're looking for a guided trip, canoe rentals, self-guided, day trip, multi-day trip, or anything in between, there's a canoe trip in Delaware for you! If you've paddled Delaware before, be sure to share your trip with the rest of us!

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Guide to Canoeing in Delaware

Due to its flatter topography, you will find rivers and creeks in Delaware to frequently wind back and forth. This provides for a fun and engaging paddling experience, requiring some strong paddling skills to make smooth turns, but without high consequences if you're still mastering you paddle strokes! Here are a few popular paddling destinations in Delaware:

  • Trap Pond
  • Old Mill Creek
  • Delaware River

Canoeing Locations In Delaware

If you want to plot your own route, check out all paddling locations in Delaware! Search thousands of put-in and take-out locations on our Paddling Locations Map and be sure to download the Go Paddling app where you can save favorites or create and share a float plan!

Plan a Canoeing Trip in Delaware

Over the years, many of our paddlers have paddled throughout Delaware and were so generous to share their paddling experiences with us in a community trip report. Read a few examples of Delaware community trip reports below:

Connect with Paddlers in Delaware

Are you looking to connect with other paddlers about going canoeing in Delaware? Check out the Message Boards for resources to help you get started.