Canoeing in North Dakota

Canoeing Trips in North Dakota

One of the least populous states in the country, you can find plenty of solitude on the 1200 miles of river through North Dakota! Find canoeing trips in North Dakota for every level of canoeist. Whether you're looking for a guided trip, canoe rentals, self-guided, day trip, multi-day trip, or anything in between, there's a canoeing trip in North Dakota for you.

Guide to Canoeing in North Dakota

Teddy Roosevelt National Park and numerous other state parks offer access, great camping locations, and beautiful scenery as you paddle through North Dakota! A few worth destinations worth investigating include:

  • Little Missouri River
  • Pembina River
  • James River
  • Lake Sakakawea

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Planning a paddling trip? Practice Safer Paddling and remember to ALWAYS WEAR A LIFE JACKET!

Canoeing Locations in North Dakota

If you want to plot your own route, check out all paddling locations in North Dakota! Search thousands of put-in and take-out locations on our Paddling Locations Map and be sure to download the Go Paddling app where you can save favorites or create and share a float plan!

Plan a Kayaking Trip in North Dakota

Over the years, many of our paddlers have paddled throughout North Dakota and were so generous to share their paddling experiences with us in a community trip report. Read a few examples of North Dakota community trip reports below:

Connect with Canoeists in North Dakota

Are you looking to connect with other canoeists about going canoeing in North Dakota? Below are resources to help you get started.