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Name: Dbrieva

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I read about eh pros and cons and settled for this option. At 240 lbs I thought it would do the trick. Just not enough buoyancy and self rescues are not successful. I’ll go with an inflatable model next.

A kayak that in the end wasn't for me. this This is a big boy- like plop down onto the seat its so big and roomy. That's is part of the good and bad. If you are happy with gliding about and need the super spacious cockpit this will please you. The chair allows you to sit high and command the view and still be comfortable. My issue is the cockpit is too big. Makes bracing with your legs tiring and leads to an achy back and hip. The boat is super stable and there will be no rocking it. Very responsive to wakes and choppy water. The boat likes to play and handles well when the wind and chop gets lively. The Eddyline sprayskirt fits this like a charm and does wonders for going into more challenging water. In the end, a good rec boat with a cavernous cockpit and super stability.