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Name: Buffalo-River-Rat

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I have been paddling Buffalo Royalex boats for years, and they were the real deal. I have gotten to paddle and see the new Buffalo TFX boats in the last few weeks, and as much as I loved Royalex, the new generation of ABS has arrived and is a wonderful improvement. These new Buffalo TFX boats are tough and built to last several lifetimes! The boat handles like a dream whether being paddled solo or tandem. Incredibly stable and forgiving on pushy Class II water. The new camo colors are a beautiful addition to the old standard color palettes. Buffalo Canoes Manufacturing is an industry leader in high-quality ABS boats. After working for several years at different canoe consessionaires, Buffalo Canoes have held up better after hundreds of trips down river than any other boat I have seen put through the same beatings by livery operations.