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I had seen ads for this kayak that piqued my interest, reviewed all the videos on this kayak I could find, only to discover that the closest dealer was 1500 miles away. Then I happened to visit a shop that I had purchased my first kayak since moving to FL on my way back from a kayak camping trip. (Native Water Sports Jenson Beach, FL) Just so happens they became a new dealer for Viking and was receiving there first shipment and holding an in-water demo on that very day. (Had to stay) Wasn’t the best conditions, winds blowing 20 with gusts of 30, the water choppy and confused. They have a great demo spot to launch from on the IRL. My first test of a kayak worth it to jump in the seat and see what happens. I am a large guy and this kayak didn’t move. First and secondary stability surprised me, rock solid. I paddled out in the protected area and found the kayak quick and responsive. It comes with a rudder designed into the lines of the profile. (So it doesn’t protrude below the draft) In open water or in poor conditions I can see the advantage of having it. In my experience with everyday paddling, you don’t need it. This kayak paddles true and for an almost 15ft length, it turns easily. I paddled out to see how it handled in the wind and chop in these conditions. I didn’t experience much difference. I didn’t find it to be tippy with the wind on the beam or in the trough where I stopped and it did not weathercock. Needless to say, I bought the Profish Reload. I have been paddling it for 6 months. I have paddled over 50 miles of the Suwannee, up and down many miles of the IRL, had it BTB and various springs/rivers and ditches here in Florida. This kayak was designed for fishing with a large displacement capacity, more than enough deck hardware for your gear and more bells and whistles built into the tackle pod and options that any fisherman could ask for. I purchased the optional flat deck pod which opens up the deck area when I am just tooling around. The hull design is sleek and fast for most paddling trips. I have been paddling for a number of years and owned sit-in and sot kayaks. The Profish Reload is now my go-to workhorse.