Name: Jie

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I had been looking for a sea kayak for paddling on Lake Michigan, and bought an Epic 18X Ultra in 2016. I have kayaked in it twice a week for about 9 months each year since. Below are my reviews. 1. The boat is light weighted (39 lbs), so it's very easy for me to load it onto my car roof rack and unload it by myself (I'm 58 years old, 5' 9", 145 lbs, and not a muscular person). Another huge benefit of having a light sea kayak is it's easier to learn rolling. I started using a Greenland paddle and learning the chest sculling. I failed for the first two tries, and succeeded on my third try, without any help or coach. I have been able to do it consistently afterwards. A heavier kayak would have made my roll self-teaching much more difficult. 2. It's beautiful. Very often, when I go kayaking and meet other kayakers on the water, I receive compliments on it's beautiful looking. It's also one of the reasons why I bought this boat. The whole boat design makes me comparing it with a submarine. Just beautiful and military-style sporty. 3. I like the thigh brace design. It's natural and comfortable. You can either spread your legs a little bit to engage the brace, or leave your legs in the center and relax, depending the situation or your preference. Besides, this brace design is very safe. It doesn't have anything sticking out, so you will never unintentionally hit it and get hurt. 4. The hull design is excellent for kayaking on wavy water. It's round shape makes it less affected by waves and, therefore, less likely tipping over. 5. The long length (18'), narrow width (22") and light weight make it very fast, easier to paddle long time. I can paddle easily and still go fast. 6. I also like the built-in rudder design. When locked and not being used, it's completely part of the hull without generating any obstructions, which also makes it less likely to be damaged. And it's easier for kayak transportation. 7. The low-profile stern makes the ladder self-rescue very easy. You can climb onto the boat from the stern without much effort. 8. One change I'd like to see is having better bungees on the fore deck for a spare paddle, especially a Greenland one. On the whole, I love this boat!