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I bought a near new, 2021 mango Salty last fall and pedaled it several times in Grand Lake St. Marys, OH. It was very stable and really fun. After returning from Florida this spring, I have taken it out many times. It is a very fast boat, as I have a Hobie Outback in FL and the Salty is faster. My neighbor wanted to try the Salty out in some chop, so I took my Wilderness Tsunami 145 out with him. We went for an hour and then turned back. He set a pace and paddling, I could not keep up, about 3-3.5 mph. He wasn't really pushing it, but I paddled hard and he left me. Took my wife out and same results. So, last week I went to Strictly Sail in Cinti, OH and bought a teal, second Salty. I had no budget, but for boat riding and fun, the Salty delivers. Tracks perfectly and the bow rides VERY high. Even with continuous pontoon wakes hitting me, this boat is steady and safe. It is so nice to pedal along and take a sip of coffee. We use a 1" pad for the seat back, but the seat bottom is good for 2-3 hours. With a pedal boat, you kind of get in a rhythm and just go. I haven't fished out of it, but it's plenty stable. I can load it solo from truck bed to launch with wheel assist. I'm 65, 6', 190#. Very fun boat and excellent value.

I bought the Tsunami 140 3 years ago and have many hours of paddling in this great boat. I live on a lake and go out for 5-8 mile rides every other weekend. T140 goes 3mph with a very easy stroke and 4mph for hours, and I am old and not in swimmer's shape... lol. It tracks expertly into 1' cross waves and wind.

I have had it on the Pere Marquette and both Manistees for day trips and overnight a dozen times. Fully loaded, you have to work some corners, but it is doable and very safe. Holds lots of camping gear, tent, sleeping bag, coolers and water with ease. My fav feature is the seat. I have sat in the boat many times for 4 hours and not been too fatigued. I am 6', 190, and 57yo and can lift the empty boat myself pretty easily. I will not be boat shopping, ever.