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If you fish and play Coastal areas, the Old Town Sportsman Salty PDL 120 pedal kayak is the craft for you. Outfitted for fishing; at home in the waves having fun! With instant forward and reverse, the award-winning PDL Drive is the most reliable and easy-to-use pedal drive on the market.

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I purchased a salty in 2022.…

Submitted by: paddler2920070 on 5/17/2024

I purchased a salty in 2022. and have used it quite extensively. For point of comparison, I will be comparing it to a 2018 predator pdl.

doesn't roll to a side when lifted from the bow
drive was slightly quieter (maybe just because its newer)
Forward facing flush mount rod holder

Less stable.
Gets pushed around by wind and waves very easily. (I think it has to do with the bow shape)
Lots more splash (probably also bow shape related)
Less robust. Has a plastic rudder and plastic on parts of drive.
Open storage area up front instead of hatch. (This would be personal preference if it weren't for the fact that it doesn't drain fast enough when you have a wave come over the bow, leading to increased likelyhood of additional waves coming over the bow)
The handle on the bow for lifting and towing is 90 degrees offset from a natural position for your wrist.

Conclusion: This is a very good kayak, a solid 4/5 stars. But, for literally any purpose I can see, the Predator/Bigwater will do just as good of a job, if not better. Unless added size/weight of the Predator/Bigwater would be a problem, or saving a couple hundred bucks is super important, I just don't see the niche that this particular kayak fills.

I'm not unhappy with the Salty, it's served me well, but I definitely think I would have been happier with two Predators/Bigwaters than I am with one of each.


I bought a near new, 2021…

Submitted by: paddler229424 on 7/19/2022

I bought a near new, 2021 mango Salty last fall and pedaled it several times in Grand Lake St. Marys, OH. It was very stable and really fun. After returning from Florida this spring, I have taken it out many times. It is a very fast boat, as I have a Hobie Outback in FL and the Salty is faster. My neighbor wanted to try the Salty out in some chop, so I took my Wilderness Tsunami 145 out with him. We went for an hour and then turned back. He set a pace and paddling, I could not keep up, about 3-3.5 mph. He wasn't really pushing it, but I paddled hard and he left me. Took my wife out and same results. So, last week I went to Strictly Sail in Cinti, OH and bought a teal, second Salty. I had no budget, but for boat riding and fun, the Salty delivers. Tracks perfectly and the bow rides VERY high. Even with continuous pontoon wakes hitting me, this boat is steady and safe. It is so nice to pedal along and take a sip of coffee. We use a 1" pad for the seat back, but the seat bottom is good for 2-3 hours. With a pedal boat, you kind of get in a rhythm and just go. I haven't fished out of it, but it's plenty stable. I can load it solo from truck bed to launch with wheel assist. I'm 65, 6', 190#. Very fun boat and excellent value.



Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/14/2022