Name: jeffcox899

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Have a used Wilderness 14ft Pungo and compared the Riot to the Pungo. The Edge was a smoother turner and a little better speed. The cockpit on the Edge was not quite as spacious as the Pungo, but more than enough for 6ft 220lbs man. The seat in the Edge was quite comfortable. There is plenty of storage and bulkhead space to do an over weekend trip. Over all I give the Edge 4 stars.

Nice stable kayak for bigger people. Large cockpit makes entry comfortable getting in and out. Lot of space for taking gear. Great seats made by Ascend. Sit up off the deck.

Kayak was bought used, but have tried the new ones with the consoles up front. Mine works great for me. I have a bad wing which makes it difficult to get into/out of. The large cockpit is great for that. Handles great. Take it all the time on two and three day trips in Fla.