9' 3"
Width (in)
Weight (lb)

Mini-X Options

  • Recreational

    56 lb
    Polyethylene Plastic
  • Standard

    45 lb
    Polyethylene Plastic

    Mini-X Description

    Mini-X embodies the versatility and sophistication to be the top performing all around sit-on-top kayak. Venture out to bumpy rough waters to tackle your favorite fishing spot and paddle to the soothing lakeside all in one day.

    Mini-X Specs and Features

    • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
    • Cockpit Type: Sit on Top / Open Cockpit
    • Seating Configuration: Solo
    • Ideal Paddler Size: Smaller Adult/Child, Average Adult
    • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
    • Ideal Paddler Size: Smaller Adult/Child, Average Adult
    • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

    Additional Attributes

    • 4 Rod Holders
    • Center Hatch
    • Bow 8" Round Hatch
    • Bungee Stern Storage
    • Bungee Carry Handles for Paddle Holder
    • Adjustable footrest
    • Molded in cup holder

    Malibu Kayaks
    Mini-X Reviews

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    I like the kayak however, the…

    Submitted by: paddler804351 on 6/23/2020
    I like the kayak however, the handles rot quickly. Then when replacing them, the screws strip very easily. I own a kayak that I cannot maneuver because I have no handles.

    Great little kayak, have…

    Submitted by: paddler527094 on 7/10/2019

    Great little kayak, have owned it for a few years now and have put it through its paces. The pros: very stable while sitting even though I am a bigger guy at 6' 122kg or 268pounds. I am able to stand up but not very confidently, the foot placements are a little to narrow when standing for me. very lightweight, I used to walk mine about 4km to a spot with not many problems, easy to lift and put on a car top. good size center storage hatch, a lot bigger than most recreational kayaks we get here in Australia. Good quality components used such as the handles etc.

    The cons: -tracking is pretty bad, even in little to no wind conditions it always wants to turn either side. -obviously, due to the width of the yak being 85cm, you won't be winning any drag races in it. Most of the clip in seats are terrible for someone my size, I dealt with it for a long time and only just recently upgraded to a universal raised kayak seat. Being higher up now, the stability has gone down a bit and feels more tippy, Although, it does beat having a wet and sore back after each session!


    After trying a few different…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/16/2015
    After trying a few different kayaks I tried a Mini X. This kayak definitely isn't what I want to buy. It was like paddling a box. No glide and did a lot of wagging from side to side. I think I will stick with a longer kayak and not worry about a few feet more in length to tote around.

    I traded in my 12 footer…

    Submitted by: paddler236550 on 10/4/2015
    I traded in my 12 footer sit-in kayak that I converted somehow for fishing. I needed a really stable, compact fishing boat that's light, has more features for fishing on the variety of waters and also fits inside of my Honda Element. This boat was the only choice and fitted the bill. Not easily but I can squeeze it and keep it inside the car with taking a glovebox out of the way for fitting the bow.

    The Malibu Mini-X is light, compact, has a really nice deck with great fittings. High quality hardware, handles, rod holders, hatches are all of high quality and well placed. The rough textured finish in mango color with black hardware really attracted me in the showroom. On water the boat is very stable, easy to maneuver, I can move around on board, sit wherever in any position, exit and reenter any time. Easy to reach anything and probably even stand up is possible. I feel lots of freedom after the sit-in, lots of great features here in small package.

    But now the cons:
    I checked the bottom only after taking it home and it was my greatest surprise and disappointment. The rough textured finish is great on the deck but on the HULL? Come on! A three year old knows smooth bottom is crucial for boat speed. Texture on the boat's bottom is like a permanent hand brake on the car! It was accomplished probably to hide the serious imperfections on the bottom; the centerline is not straight at all, obvious curves and twists, along with humps and dimps around it recalling the beach dunes. Mine is a blem or all Malibus like that? In my anger I partially sanded the bottom right away to make it more movable on water so I can't even return it, and now planning to build up with epoxy and straight out a center line then paint and sand the whole hull. Yes, that's I have to do with a brand new boat to make it work properly!!!

    On water its horribly noisy, impossible sneaking up on fish. Chug-chug-chug when you paddle and when you are not. Fish will be spooked away. Yes, and this is an angler boat. The noise probably comes from the scupper holes, they are on the wrong spots, not on the lowest points, so water onboard all the time including under the seat. Yes, I'm sitting in water all the time as well as my gear. But hell, it's a watersport!

    After all if you learn to look over the really badly molded sluggish hull with rough texture, wrongly spaced scupper holes, chugging annoying noise, and getting adapted to your daily Navy Seal training by sitting in water for several hours, and enjoy observing premature evacuation of fish, you'll be a happiest fisherman and happiest owner of the Malibu Mini-X.


    We were looking for a kayak…

    Submitted by: fleatx on 9/12/2015
    We were looking for a kayak for my husband who is a big tall guy so we were looking for a bigger kayak. A friend knew someone who had a used Mini-X for sale and thought we should go look at it. Long story short it's now ours and we love it. It is very stable and surprisingly comfortable for my husbands big frame with the added bonus of being light enough for me to carry ( I am only 5'2" and 112 lbs). It also fits right in the back of our truck with my kayak so super easy to haul to the river, lake, or whatever. We haven't done any fishing with it yet but the previous owner used it for bay fishing and said it was awesome. He was also a big guy. All said...We Love It!

    I own and use two Malibu…

    Submitted by: ny_yakfisherman on 7/8/2015
    I own and use two Malibu Mini-X kayaks. I feel they are a great fishing kayak for shorter paddling distances and grab and go trips. I can fit both of them in my mini van so I don't need to mess with roof racks or trailers.

    They are very stable, I am 6' and approx. 215 lb. and I feel confident stand-up paddling in calm water. They track well for their size but I have to paddle harder to keep up with larger kayaks, which I anticipated from the get go.

    My major beefs are that the front rod holders cause reels to drag in the water and the molded in foot rest. Adjustable footrest models are now offered by Malibu now, though. The Mini-X is well suited to throwing in a truck, van or larger SUV and getting on the water on the spur of the moment.


    I fish salt water in and…

    Submitted by: paddler235659 on 7/3/2014
    I fish salt water in and around an ocean inlet and this is a blast to hook a 34 inch redfish or tarpon and hold on. This is a very stable fun little kayak. Along with my X Factor I think these are great fun Kayaks to fish from. I don't want to just go for a long ride in this kayak due to tracking but to ride the tide and fish it is great.

    I had sold my last personal…

    Submitted by: lsippell on 8/9/2013
    I had sold my last personal fishing boat (10' john type boat with a 6.5 hp outboard and a bow mounted trolling motor) because it was to much for the fishing I did and the lake I fished. And decided a small kayak would be better than a canoe. I spent over a month deciding which one I would be happy with. I have not been disappointed in the least.

    I had it for 2 years now keep it loaded with my fishing tackle. Now I'm 64 and have learned to appreciate my comfort so I added a Crack of Dawn Apex 1 Deluxe Kayak Seat and it made the hatch completely unusable with the seat (and me in it). So I tool the hatch out and reversed it so it opens from the front and it works pretty good that way.

    The rod holders are nice when paddling but a rod left in them when fishing gets in the way (they stick up to much) so I mounted Scotty rod holder on the center counsel, angled low and it holds my spare rod completely out of the way while fishing and two more right in front of the original rod holders behind the seat. They can be angled low and keep rods out of the way of casting.

    This year, I mounted a trolling motor on the stern like the Bassyaks do. Stuck a battery under the seat and bought a Harbor Freight trailer (small one with 12" wheels) That I caught on sale for $224.00 and found a coupon online for 25% off any one item. I lengthened the tongue and welded it all together.

    It's amazing how stable it feels and I've never felt I have ever come close to tipping it over. When the weather is warm, and I'm in a spot I want to stay awhile, I'll set sideways on the hatch with my legs in the water. I've stood up on it and have fished a few times but I'm overweight with a bad back and knees so I prefer sitting.

    Overall, for the fishing I do on a 6700 acre lake full of stumps and lily pads all around the edge, it's just about perfect.


    Years ago I had a Mini-X…

    Submitted by: paddler230939 on 4/3/2013
    Years ago I had a Mini-X which I eventually sold because I wanted a faster yak for fishing. As things go I am not getting younger (66 now and still muscular for a fossil) and I get tired of loading my Prowler 13 by myself or during windy conditions. I fish the protected bays of South Louisiana so I wanted some stability, particularly with a stringer of fish hanging over the side of the yak in water full of gators.

    I managed to strike an attractive deal at West Marine and purchased another Mini-X, particularly for it's light weight and remarkable stability. With a little personal tinkering I got it rigged to fish my favorite waters for redfish and specks.

    Other reviewers have mentioned that the Mini-X does not track well and is slow. It is relatively slow as yaks go, but the tracking issues are more a case of how you paddle. For a hole shot use a mild paddle stroke to get the yak moving and then use a slightly elevated and stronger paddle stroke with the blade passing as close to the side of the yak as possible and it will not dart all over the place. You can use more power in your stroke with the same technique into stronger winds and the boat will track decently although it will not set any speed records.

    The Mini-X simply laughs at big boat wakes and heavy chop. You will stay quite dry under these conditions as the shape of the bow efficiently deflects water from chop or waves rather than the water pouring over the bow. The Mini-X sits quite high in the water so strong winds do get a grip and can move you about. Use the three pound folding claw anchor and the boat will stay put and secure in winds stronger than you should be out in anyway. 5'6" rods will fit easily in the square center hatch pointed toward the stern. Or two piece rods will do the same, but you cannot safely get 6' rods in the hull of the Mini-X . .

    If you are looking for an inexpensive yak for fishing or play and are not looking for serious speed on the water, the Mini-X is very hard to beat. Even very big fellows will find it remarkably stable even in rough waters and less hardy females will find the Mini-X easy to load by themselves. I have had a number of other small and light SOT fishing yaks and none of them can match the overall confidence the Mini-X provides when fishing big water or during poor weather conditions.

    Last, the Mini-X is of very high quality and will not break the bank: leaves you some money to get a really decent rod and reel. Be sure and get a quality padded seat to keep your six o'clock from going numb about the time the fish start biting.


    I have yet to see anything…

    Submitted by: cjakayaker on 3/24/2013
    I have yet to see anything better in moderately priced SOT fishing kayaks. Light enough for easy transporting. Rod holders and tackle storage. Maneuverable and comfortable. Stable for hard hook-sets and speed-boat waves. Perfect for small rivers, lakes, & ponds. 5'11" & 225lbs. Will get a 2nd one soon.

    I was given this Kayak as a…

    Submitted by: paddler234661 on 7/17/2012
    I was given this Kayak as a present five years ago....loved it in always....yep it tracks tough.. wobble side to side on the river...in the ocean it is totally stable and easy to dive off and climb on (abalone) leavin the area thinkin of selling/after reading the reviews...I think NOT!!!

    The mini is a great kayak for…

    Submitted by: paddler234611 on 6/23/2012
    The mini is a great kayak for many different situations. I got this kayak for my fiancé and she loves it. Its small and light weight making it easy to drag or lift. It can carry everything you need for a day of fishing. Even though it is short, it had great stability. I can stand in it no problem. Also, it's fun to play with in the surf or in small rivers because it is very maneuverable. It's hard to beat in the class it's in. It is a great paddling kayak for everyone in the family.

    This yak is what it is...…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/15/2011
    This yak is what it is... small versatile great for people who like recreational kayaking. The best thing is it size; lets face it not everyone has space to store a 14 foot yak. Not fast, okay tracking, great for just kicking around in.

    The best small yak I have…

    Submitted by: paddler234052 on 6/8/2011
    The best small yak I have ever paddled. Tracking was excellent speed good and stability the best! I will be buying more of these for my family members as they are so easy to transport!

    Very stable and maneuverable…

    Submitted by: paddler234015 on 5/26/2011
    Very stable and maneuverable indeed but tracking can be difficult. It's not a kayak for speed. It's very light and can easily be carried without the use of the trolley. Excellent for fishing in lakes or ponds.

    Was very pleased with the…

    Submitted by: paddler231143 on 2/8/2011
    Was very pleased with the Mini X as it is so light to transport etc...But very disappointed with the hatches...Leaked like a sieve.

    I am extremely satisfied with…

    Submitted by: paddler233755 on 8/11/2010
    I am extremely satisfied with Malibu Kayaks Mini-X! I have owned it for a year and a half. I have taken it into the surf on South Padre Island, and many times into the Lower Laguna Madre for stable fishing fun. I initially purchased for a first Kayak for my three boys to share (one age 10; two young adults). It turned out to be everyone's favorite. Efren with South Padre Island Kayaks (10111 W US Expressway 83 La Feria, TX) gave me and my boys a demo and I was very impressed. He was very helpful and I will be buying another Malibu Kayak from him soon!

    This Kayak is very stable, has plenty of storage up front, mid hatch and rear storage area. My fishing crate fits easily in the rear, with room to spare. I would recommend this Kayak to anyone looking for a fishing Kayak, whether space is a concern or not. It is so light and compact you can easily load on a car or in a short bed pickup without strain.

    The front moves back and forth under aggressive paddling, as is expected for a 9 footer. No complaints from an owner of two Ocean Kayaks and one Wilderness Tarpon. It is a Dry and stable ride!!
    10 out of 10


    Bought this kayak and took it…

    Submitted by: paddler233734 on 8/3/2010
    Bought this kayak and took it to Lake Travis in Austin and it was amazing. Even with a broken paddle this kayak could move. Extremely durable. My roomate cranked down on the towstraps with his body weight (not a good idea)- no warping, and not even a scuff. Thrown off a cliff.
    two people around 150 lbs a piece can sit on this somewhat comfortably. Majority of the time had a third person hanging onto it in the water. No problems encountered until third person on board, only then did it overturn (it was loaded well over 500 lbs at that point). It is extremely stable and easy to get back into.

    If you want to treat a kayak like garbage and still have a solid product at the end of the day, this is the one to get. better options come standard with this kayak, so don't miss out. wide seat, plenty of room (I'd say seats someone 150 to 200 lbs comfortably).

    ONLY CONS: you're giving up speed for stability with this kayak, tracking is not the greatest...


    This kayak is a nice vessel…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/1/2008
    This kayak is a nice vessel for all around fishing. I know people say it is not the best in tracking but if you do not need to cover miles and miles of distance this kayak is just fine.

    I have taken it out on a small residential lake as well as some Tampa Bay estuaries and it was very very stable. I had two scupper plugs underneath the bottom of the seat and I stayed mostly dry (only water from paddle drip and fishing pole).

    I bought it used but I have not really noticed much water inside the hull after a few hours of fishing (less than a cup?). The front end does waver when paddling hard but this kayak handles very well. I can do a 360 virtually in place. Malibu also seems to have a good customer service dept. because I talked to live people and they returned my calls when no one answered (I had some questions about warranties).


    I bought this kayak with the…

    Submitted by: paddler229590 on 9/22/2008
    I bought this kayak with the idea of lightweight and size in mind, due to the fact that I live in a tight space. I've taken this kayak out about ten times already and I really love it. I've brought it out in San Francisco Bay in pretty high wind and rough waters and the Mini X is very stable. I've had big yacht wakes come at me that give you that uncomfortable feeling in your stomach and I was amazed at how well this little kayak handled the waves.

    As others have stated it's a bit cramped if you start throwing in rod holders and depth finders, which I've done. I bought it for its compact size and ease of use. It's a breeze. I throw it in the back of my 240 Volvo wagon and it fits perfectly in it, which is reason enough for it to be a good purchase. The tracking is not good, but not terrible. I got the rec-diving version and comes with a HUGE center dry hatch (1'x 1') right between your legs which is one of the best features second to its stability.

    Each stroke you make makes the front end move, but that's a compromise you make with its length. It's not the fastest kayak, but have had hours of fun on this yak and its easy to haul around. I've had huge stripers jumping feet from the bow and has served its purpose. A fishing platform and troller. You won't be disappointed for something as little and easy to use as the MINI X! I bought mine for less then $500 brand new!


    I fish from an OK Prowler 13,…

    Submitted by: paddler232525 on 4/9/2008
    I fish from an OK Prowler 13, Tarpon 100 and OK Drifter: I wanted a lightweight yak with high stability for those fishing adventures on the Louisianan Gulf bays when I don't need to travel far: so I purchased a Malibu Mini-X from Kim and Ryan of Dixie Kayaks in Katy, Texas: their service and willingness to please is second to none !!

    I love the Mini-X for its grab and go lightness, it remarkable stability, and it takes barge and ship waves better than my larger kayaks. It is a bit slow as other reviewers have noted, but it is not that bad. Also, the tracking is not as bad as I had read on other reviews. Keep the paddle close to the hull and it goes where you want it to go, but it will turn on a dime and give back change.

    It is a joy to load, especially after a few hours of serious paddling and fishing. I cannot find anything about the Mini-X I don't like: it does what it was designed to do well.


    We just purchased two Mini X…

    Submitted by: paddler232450 on 2/18/2008
    We just purchased two Mini X yesterday and took them out on the Gulf today. This is only our second time in a Kayak and it was impressive. They where very stable, Just as we had beet told and read on the review sites. My wife is very unsure when it comes to water and we had a canoe that was just to tippy for her and she had a ball in this Kayak so that is saying a lot. After reading a post on this site about stacking them to hull, I gave it a try and it worked well. We are looking forward to our next time out.

    This my take on the Malibu Mini X. (1 = poor / 10…

    Submitted by: Ice on 8/23/2007
    This my take on the Malibu Mini X.
    (1 = poor / 10 = good)

    build quality 9
    turning 9
    comfort 7
    tracking 4
    hull speed 2
    stability 10
    weight with rod holder and seat 7
    overall satisfaction 6

    Have owned the Mini for a couple of months. This kayak would be best in slow moving rivers or large ponds. The Mini is extremely stable and can turn on a dime. When you start from a dead stop, it feels like you are pulling a dog house behind you.


    I bought the Mini-X back in…

    Submitted by: cougar on 8/9/2007
    I bought the Mini-X back in May to fill a hole in my fleet. I needed a very maneuverable boat with stability to fish in small to medium winding creeks with up to class II rapids. Wow what a surprise, this boat can handle anything you can throw at it. I have had this little yak in Lake Erie in 6' breakers and it handles them easily. This boat surfs the waves great and is able to climb right up the face of them as they are cresting. The stability of the boat is awesome, I have the fish and dive package and it is a great fishing platform. The only time I was able to flip this yak was when I was surfing and I was going so fast I couldn't keep up paddling and made a mis-stroke and got blown out by the wave. Re-entry back into the yak is easy even in the surf.

    Because of the width of the boat I use a 240 paddle and it has surprising speed for a short wide yak. In fact I sold my Prowler 13 yesterday because this boat flat outperforms it in every way. I am actually able to get more speed out of this little 9'3" yak than the 13' prowler in part to the fact that it is 20 pounds lighter at 39 lbs. Also it handles better in big rough water and is not fazed by large boat wakes. The boat will do a 360 in place. The light weight makes it a breeze to load on a rack or in a truck bed by yourself.

    The boat sits higher in the water than most SOTS and is a lot drier ride, not much spray or water in from the scuppers, I was always wet in the prowler. It does have a little hull slap once in a while on the smaller waves depending on your angle to them, but it is minor. The yak also has a surprising 350 lb. capacity. The quality and finish of the poly it is made out of is great and it is almost slick when wet and cleans easily.

    The storage is ample and I can fit my 240 2 piece paddle in the center hatch. I am also able to fit a 6' rod in the front hatch after removing the bucket. The hatches are very water tight in normal use. Flipping it in the surf lets some water in, but I think it comes through the rod holders.There is a paddle holder on each side of the yak which is a nice feature because you can secure a spare rod under one of them. This is a great little all purpose yak that is flat out fun.


    We just bought two Mini X's.…

    Submitted by: paddler232130 on 6/26/2007
    We just bought two Mini X's. One is a fishing version. We love that they stack on existing factory cartop luggage racks. No need to buy j-racks! Great in choppy water and calm.

    Yesterday, I finally launched my new Mini-X. Weather was just a little…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/19/2007
    Yesterday, I finally launched my new Mini-X.
    Weather was just a little frisky; NW winds 5-10kts with a 2ft chop and power boat wakes. The yak performed just great... even better than I expected. Tracking is very good provided you do not exert a too powerful paddle stroke. If you find the bow starting to walk, power down and the yak tracks well. Owing to the short wetted surface, it does not glide too far after a series of stokes. Not a problem for me since I'm not planing long trips. I'm more interested in short distances to favorable fishing spots(I have the fishing package offered by KFS), nature paddles into the back creeks (good platform for photography). The stability is awesome. I feel quite comfortable on board regardless of the chop. Heads into the wind well, no spray comes on board. The only water which actually did manage to get to me was only the drips from overly enthusiastic paddling.
    The approx 40 lbs, while not a light weight for me, was manageable and launching went smoothly; haul out too (my wife helped me). I hope to gain more strength as I progress.

    If you prefer a yak under 10ft, reasonably light in weight, very stable, useful on semi-protected bays, back creeks then I would surely recommend this craft.


    I tried out a slew of…

    Submitted by: fishingcat on 3/26/2007
    I tried out a slew of recreational and fishing kayaks before purchasing a Mini-X in August 2006, ostensibly for fishing small inland waters and to be able to access more bank and/or wade fishing opportunities on easy rivers. It took me quite a few paddling trips to get around to actually fishing from it ... I was too engrossed in seeing what it could do, and the magic of paddling OVER fish instead of casting to them! Thus far, I have only used it on flatwater because that’s what my current paddling skills dictate.

    The Mini-X is not fast nor does it have much glide, but that’s to be expected given that it is intended for fishing in conditions where maneuverability is more important. It tracks surprisingly well for its length (9'3"), and I can turn it on a dime and stop it just about as fast. As long as nobody wants to race me (and as long as I don’t need to go very far quickly), I don’t notice the lack of speed.

    The Mini-X has better initial stability than any rec boat I’ve tried, and although a LOT of effort and lean (with the help of thigh straps) finally caused me to reflexively use a brace to right myself, I was never able to actually tip it over.

    For fishing, it is a nice size for me -- I don’t take a lot, and I like to be able to reach everything (the forward hatch is the only thing that really takes any effort). The Mini-X actually has more storage capacity than I need (at least right now ... I know how these things go ... voids demand to be filled ...). It is quite comfortable and stable to sit sideways on. I have stood in it, but haven’t tried casting while standing yet. My balance is not the best, and I decided it would be wise to work on that first. Others who have stood in it compared it to the X-Factor and said the Mini was not as stable. I do have to be careful when paddling that I don’t scrape the sides of this wide (33") boat with the paddle (my paddle is 215 cm, and I am a high-angle style paddler ... and would probably be better off low-angle in this boat). It is not normally a concern unless I fatigue, but I’m sure the fish are alerted by the noise whenever it happens!

    There’s enough room in the Mini-X for me to straighten out my legs completely with space left over -- and I have looooong legs (in fact, lack of leg room put me off every kayak “designed for women” that I tried, and a few others as well). The foot wells are placed OK for me; placement may bug some people so I would definitely recommend trying before buying, and make sure the trial is long enough to judge your long-term leg comfort. I do prefer that the foot wells spread out support on my foot, unlike foot pegs and I’m also happy to trade the “just OK” placement (by my standards) for not having any footpegs to grab my flyline Speaking of which, the basic boat has very little to snag lines and such; any problems I’ve had in that regard were definitely user-generated (mindless accessorizing can quickly negate the benefits of the Mini-X’s clean design).

    Being able to easily car-top the Mini-X on my minivan’s existing custom roof rack is a real bonus. I could handle car-topping a much heavier ‘yak, but a longer one would definitely cause overhang issues on my vehicle. In addition, the 38-lb bare weight is nice, not so much because 38 pounds is a cakewalk for me, but because it (naturally) ends up being considerably heavier once outfitted for fishing, and the fact that the gear is in it makes it awkward to carry -- the lighter weight is certainly welcome then.

    I do recommend getting a pair of scupper plugs for the seat holes if you want to ride dry more of the time. Although it’s usually a dry ride (in the seat), any kind of rowdy paddling, plopping into the seat, leaning, and so forth gets me a wet rear end if the scuppers are open.

    Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the Mini-X’s suitability to my purposes. I wouldn't change a thing about it. I have not used it on moving water yet, but intend to amend this review after I do.


    I have a ws tarpon 120 and I…

    Submitted by: paddler231726 on 8/2/2006
    I have a ws tarpon 120 and I love it. But I've been looking for a smaller, lighter boat for quick trips and kids. I bought the mini-x after a short demo and I couldn't be happier.

    The mini paddles great for a short yak. The nose does want to walk a little but you can compensate by easing up on the stroke a little. It has surprising glide for its size and is super stable- I can stand and flyfish in calm water. The kids absolutely love it; even my 8 year old son can manage this boat. The mini-x makes a little man feel big and a big man feel little!

    The mini has a weight capacity of 325 lbs. At 170, I had a nice, dry ride. By adding kids we loaded it to about 250 before water started seeping in the seat scuppers. The boat has tons of leg room and I found the "foot-wedges" to be very comfortable. As expected, at 9'3" long this boat will turn on a dime. It has four well-placed handles and bungee type paddle/rod holders. A nice feature for fly fishers is the large flat area in front of the seat-no place for line to tangle easily.

    The mini-x weighs just 38 lbs! Easy to load or portage; manageable for the kids. For the price, features, and performance, this boat will be mighty hard to beat!