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I've had 2 Kruger designed decked canoes & a 12 ft sit in kayak for years but wanted a sit on top for ease of entry/exit. After trying out Wilderness, Jackson, & a few others at a local demo day I went with the Viking Profish Reload.
I chose it because I was used to the speed of my 17 ft Kruger boats & didn't want to give that up but I'm even more impressed with both its primary & secondary stability. This is the fastest of the sit on tops that I've tried & it's still a solid boat. At only around 65 lbs it's one of the lightest of its class also which is nice for loading / unloading.
The only aspect that I wish was a little more thought out would be the accessories. It does come with a removable gear pod - hence the "reload" name, which is quite substantial. I fit about 5 tackle trays in there as well as pliers, small drybox, etc. It also has 3 little circular hatches (about 5" across x 4" deep) within easy reach but they're really not big enough to put anything in. They do have scupper plugs so theoretically you could keep a few ounces of live bait in them. There's also only 2 rod holders so you'll have to either drill/mount some more or incorporate those into your crate system. It does have some nice notches on the bow to hold rods in place horizontally & a bungee on the gear pod to hold down the rod handles. I initially ordered a chill pod that fits behind the seat & is for keeping ice/drinks/fish cold but after it didn't come in from New Zealand for 4 months I scrapped that idea & went with the standard milk crate which makes more sense for fishing anyway.
I also have the optional ""kid pod"" that goes in place of the gear pod so my 8 yr old can sit semi-comfortably while out for a nice paddle. A neat idea but she's a small 8 yr old & I think she might soon outgrow it.
Overall I'm very pleased with the handling, speed, stability & weight of this boat. I think it outperforms most others in its class. You pay a premium for this but the price I paid was very competitive with other boats that can't live up to this one.