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Name: WaterHorse

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I have used the Malone Stax Pro2 for one season and think those are great. I have those mounted to my FJ Cruiser oval roof rack cross bars and those fit fine. I recently upgraded to Thule square crossbars and the Malone upright stackers fit perfectly with those as well, thanks to the way the attachments are designed. These have been solid in gusty winds - 50 km/hr or more. The stacker comes with straps but I upgraded to wider NRS straps. However I think the straps that come with it work fine. These stackers fold down which is nice if need more clearance. When I upgraded to the Thule cross bars I could no longer get in the garage door even with those folded down but the wing nuts make it easy to remove those in minutes so no big problem. This is not a downside to the product as much as it is the fact that my vehicle has a couple of inches of lift which is just enough to scrap the top of the garage door if I don't take the stackers off.

All in all, I am very happy with the fit and finish of this product. I have had two 17 foot sea kayaks on the system with no problems. I would recommend it. The only thing I wish is that those were just a few inches taller so those were easier to reach when wrapping the straps around - minor issue.

I have had the NRS Men's Paddle Wetshoe for 8 months and have found it to be durable and comfortable. I bought a slightly large size so that I could put it over my dry suit with thick wool socks for cold water but the sizing seems fine when worn on bare feet.

I think a wetshoe is an essential piece of equipment and this one works well. The zippers seem durable and haven't shown any sign of failure yet. The quality of the workmanship is good and the sole adheres to the neoprene booty well. I like the higher form factor above the ankle for extra warmth in cold water. The only flaw is that I would like more support for my feet for walking around on the ground (more arch support as well) ...hmm I will have to try an insole and see if that helps.

I recently purchased a Tempest 170 mango. I have now had it out in numerous scenarios, on glass water with no wind as well as white cap waves on larger lakes. Initial stability is fine and secondary stability is good. I have also had it out on an overnight excursion so packed to the top with a sleeping bag, air mattress, extra clothes, camping gear, etc. It performed well weighted down and was even more stable than normal even in high waves.

I had read that turning the kayak would be problem but I have found quite the opposite is true. It turns easily for a 17 foot kayak - maybe this is a function of technique - I largely use a cross bow brace turn with edging and that results in a quick powerful turn. The fittings have been solid thus far. One complaint is the hard plastic cap on one of the handles broke, more flexible plastic would be better there.

I installed a Ritchie compass in the compass recess and it works well. I have treated it with UV Protectant (303 Aerospace) and that makes the surface look great but more slick as well. I have rolled numerous times so no problems with that and there have had no significant leakage in the hatches. The foot rests make a bit of a squeaky noise with pressure. The seating is quite adjustable and one can go for long trips without getting too uncomfortable. I stuck a vinyl decal on the bow hull to personalize the ship - I was surprised that has adhered to the plastic surface.

Overall the fit and finish is good and one looks good paddling this ship. The skeg works well - I try not to use it unless there is significant weather cocking from cross winds and then I slowly increase it till I sense the sweet spot that keeps the ship straight. The mango colour looks awesome. Overall this is a good buy and I would recommend it to others.

The Kokatat Outfit is a great pfd. One of the reasons I spent the extra money on this was for the pockets and it didn't disappoint. Lots of pockets and space for all kind of small items. There is a shoulder slot for my NRS Pilot knife and it fits snugly. The design and layout is thought out. I use the middle pocket for sunglasses, granola bars goes into one of the side pockets and my watch and whistle go on the other side. Each side pocked has an outer and inner pocket - nice touch.

The quality is good and the flotation is fine. The straps and adjustments make it easy to get a firm fit. The only thing missing is a quick release tow strap - but then that is a different pfd.

I have been using my Kokatat Meridian dry suit for a number of months. I can't speak to durability but I can speak to the quality of the material and workmanship of the product. It is a top notch product. I have gone out and done multiple sessions rolling my kayak in cold water and I stay dry.

I have noticed that around the neck I do get moisture building up but I have discovered that is not from leakage but my clothes wick the moisture up so it accumulates there (I put Vaseline on the zipper end points). The material seems durable and it is reinforced at the right locations. I love the integrated booties - I wear my NRS neoprene boots over top and it makes for a great combination. It does have a chest side pocket and it is small but really if it were larger it wouldn't be accessible anyway with a pfd on - I put my keys in it.

It does not come with head gear but that is a different product and is easily compensated for - I bring along a hood from an old gortex coat.
It is pricey but a great product - highly recommended.

I elected to install the Richie V-527 rather than the Brunton because the directions were more clearly labeled. Unfortunately it is designed for a 45 degree angle to vertical installation but my Tempest 170 kayak has a recess for a compass that is a lower angle. I had to unscrew the outer rim and take it apart and reposition the compass in its retainer - a bit of a forced issue because as I said it is not designed for this angle.
However now that it is installed it is working great, no problems.

The Bomber Convoy spray skirt is a great product. It is economical it is neoprene so is water proof. The fit and finish of the product is great. Although I can't speak to how it lasts, so far it works well. I use this with my Tempest 170 and fits like a glove.