Meridian Dry Suit (Gore-Tex Pro)

by  Kokatat

Meridian Dry Suit (Gore-Tex Pro) Description

Kokatat's most popular drysuit has been updated for 2021, and it's the best yet thanks to design updates and the new GORE-TEX PRO material that make a lighter weight, more rugged and Durable suit.

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Meridian Dry Suit (Gore-Tex Pro) Reviews

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This suit is strong, sturdy,…

Submitted by: paddler837402 on 10/25/2022

This suit is strong, sturdy, durable, well sealed and very functional in WW situations.


I originally bought this…

Submitted by: Squrlprts on 1/5/2015
I originally bought this drysuit 4 years ago when I still lived in North Carolina but never felt it was cold enough to use. This was a mistake. I took my Meridian drysuit out today (January 3rd) and found it thoroughly enjoyable to wear, well as much as one should wearing a dry suit that is. I didn't find any restriction to my arm movements wearing the Meridian and the neck and wrist gaskets didn't constrict blood flow or movement either. Granted, I did trim down the neck gasket so it was a more comfortable fit. Temperature was about 37 degrees and I had one layer of wicking material beneath it along with wool socks. This along with neoprene boots made for a very comfortable paddle.

I know not everyone is ever happy with any particular company. When I called and ordered my dry suit, the sales rep was extremely helpful and went out of his way to help me get what I needed in a dry suit. If I had any thing I didn't like about the suit, its that it is a little difficult to get the top portion on. If the zipper is even a little closed, it's damn near impossible. The instructions that came with my suit did specify the zipper needed to be all the way open so I can't fault the design.

All in all, I'm thoroughly pleased and wished I lived near the ocean still to brave the winter surf.


I have been using my Kokatat…

Submitted by: WaterHorse on 6/4/2014
I have been using my Kokatat Meridian dry suit for a number of months. I can't speak to durability but I can speak to the quality of the material and workmanship of the product. It is a top notch product. I have gone out and done multiple sessions rolling my kayak in cold water and I stay dry.

I have noticed that around the neck I do get moisture building up but I have discovered that is not from leakage but my clothes wick the moisture up so it accumulates there (I put Vaseline on the zipper end points). The material seems durable and it is reinforced at the right locations. I love the integrated booties - I wear my NRS neoprene boots over top and it makes for a great combination. It does have a chest side pocket and it is small but really if it were larger it wouldn't be accessible anyway with a pfd on - I put my keys in it.

It does not come with head gear but that is a different product and is easily compensated for - I bring along a hood from an old gortex coat.
It is pricey but a great product - highly recommended.