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purchased my first splash skirt for my classic loon 111. it was the seals laminated nylon skirt with mesh pocket and bungee cord to hold around the cockpit. because the front of the cockpit on my loon comes to a point instead of being rounded, the skirt was alittle floppy at the point and any water that came over the deck of the kayak, seemed to sit in those two little pockets. decided to call Seals about my problem and talked to Joe Galea. we decided that to solve my problem, he would have to sew in another implosion bar closer to the point of the cockpit. he did this for me and sent it right back upon which i tried it on the kayak and it fit perfect. no more floppy skirt in the front. now the skirt is held open more with the extra bar sewn in. Joe did this at no charge to me. nice to see a company that will stand by their product even though it was one of their more expensive skirts.

Am new to the sport of kayaking so I wanted a very stable boat. The Loon 111 fits the bill. Easy to transport on the top of my truck. The 3-layer construction makes the kayak feel well made. The seat with high back is very comfortable. I like that you can move the seat forward or backward. Have paddled the lakes in the Adirondacks with no problems. The more I go out in the Loon, the more confident it feels. Tracks well. Easy to paddle. Would recommend the Loon 111 to anyone that is just starting out. I rate it a l0. No complaints so far.