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Splash Skirt Reviews

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I'm surprised how many…

Submitted by: chrismayou on 7/2/2014
I'm surprised how many paddlers are not familiar with this type of "half-skirt." I love mine. It has a generously-sized zippered storage pocket on top. It keeps the spray and sun off your legs. It's easy to get on and off because it doesn't need to be tight like a full spray skirt. I use mine on both my 14 ft. Eddyline kayak and my 8 ft. "rubber duckie" kayak.

Everyone in my little kayak…

Submitted by: FTCricket on 10/18/2013
Everyone in my little kayak group owns and loves these relatively inexpensive 1/2 skirts. We paddle in Florida where most of the year we roast in a full skirt. Beyond splashes, they provide sun protection for our upper legs so we don't have to constantly slather on sun screen while allowing some ventilation and access to items in the cockpit.

They are also very good for light rain and provide just enough side coverage for aggressive edging. The Regular size fits all of our normal sized cockpits (we own from 1.4 thru 2.5) and adjusting the bungee to fit each cockpit is easy. The X size fits the couple of large cockpit boats we own (Sandpiper & Santee), although not without some sag - which is to be expected even with 2 tension bars.

My oldest splash deck is about 5 years old and is still going strong although I store all my nylon gear in the house. (All coated nylon has a tendency to flake over time, especially if stored in humid conditions.)

I would give the Seals Splash Skirt a 10 except it is very difficult to find it in any color other than black which is too hot for our blazing sun. Even most of the custom colors (red, blue, orange, gray and brown camo) are quite dark and you can readily feel the difference in heat retention between the custom yellow and all the other colors. If they offered a pale gray along with the deep yellow we would be very happy campers.


I have used the Seals Splash…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/26/2013
I have used the Seals Splash skirt on my Old Town Vapor 10. Some form of skirt is necessary in order to go down Class II rapids with the Vapor 10 because of the very long cockpit opening.

The Seals Splash Skirt performs adequately in Class I and II rapids, although some water will get into the Kayak. However, because I can get in and out of the kayak with the Splash skirt on, and because my legs and torso stay cooler than they would with a full Spray Skirt, a little water during warm weather outings is fine.

I would recommend a full Spray Skirt if you kayak in rivers with Class III and above rapids or if you kayak during cooler weather and getting wet is an issue. For warm weather and Class I and II rapids the Seals Splash Skirt is perfect!


I recently purchased a Seals…

Submitted by: paddler233442 on 11/30/2009
I recently purchased a Seals splash skirt. I paddle in Oregon, where the weather changes constantly, and a half-skirt keeps sun, misty rain, and wave spray off of your legs while keeping the cockpit fairly open and accessible (so you can grab your sunglasses or rain hat!). The Seals skirt is very nicely constructed, but due to the shape of my cockpit it interfered with my paddle. No problem! Joe Galea in customer service insisted that I send it back to be fitted with a shorter stay. Absolutely perfect! This company is wonderful to work with, and they really stand behind their product.

I've used this skirt on my…

Submitted by: Smithfield_Paddler on 2/9/2009
I've used this skirt on my Sirocco for a couple years now. I pretty much use it exclusively during our hot Virginia summers. Keeps the inside of the boat nice and cool as compared to a full skirt. I would highly recommend this skirt for warm air/water paddling.

Got one a few weeks ago,…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/23/2008
Got one a few weeks ago, probably going to need another support added for it to fit 100% on the Manitou 13. Other than that, it does what is advertised in terms of keeping wind-driven spray from chop from coming into the boat.

More importantly however is the really easy access to gear in the zipper section. Much easier to grab camera in plastic bag from the zipper on the spray deck versus crammed into PFD pocket.


I recently purchased 2 Seals…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/19/2008
I recently purchased 2 Seals Splash Skirts to use on our WS Pamlico 100 kayaks.
Most of our trips involve lakes, streams and deep rivers in New England when chop created by wind or wakes can be uncomfortable early and late in the season when the water and air have not warmed yet.

We have found them to do exactly as designed in keeping water and spray out of the cockpit while allowing for air circulation and free movement. They are easy to secure once launched and the two bowed cross members keep them high enough to avoid interfering with the legs and low enough not to interfere with paddling.

From a visual point of view they give the paddler an extended "deck view" which, given the large cockpit, provides for better reference. If we were go to full skirts to extend the season even longer it would be the Seal.

All in all a 10 out of 10.


I bought my Seal Splash Skirt…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/19/2006
I bought my Seal Splash Skirt (aka a half skirt) this summer and I use it all the time. If you want to go out and get wet and roll, you won't want this but for a fun day of paddling with friends this is the best. You can easily reach in the boat for a drink with it on. It has a really nice sizzered pouch to hold wistle, rope, paddle bungee, drinks food, etc. It is a MUST HAVE item! Easy on and off my Current Design Soltice.

purchased my first splash…

Submitted by: kayakersue on 9/12/2006
purchased my first splash skirt for my classic loon 111. it was the seals laminated nylon skirt with mesh pocket and bungee cord to hold around the cockpit. because the front of the cockpit on my loon comes to a point instead of being rounded, the skirt was alittle floppy at the point and any water that came over the deck of the kayak, seemed to sit in those two little pockets. decided to call Seals about my problem and talked to Joe Galea. we decided that to solve my problem, he would have to sew in another implosion bar closer to the point of the cockpit. he did this for me and sent it right back upon which i tried it on the kayak and it fit perfect. no more floppy skirt in the front. now the skirt is held open more with the extra bar sewn in. Joe did this at no charge to me. nice to see a company that will stand by their product even though it was one of their more expensive skirts.

Every now and then I find…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/15/2006
Every now and then I find myself with a little bit of money to play with (I emphasize the now and again part) and thus I found myself searching the net for some new piece of equipment to tryout. This time around, I decided on the Seals Splash Deck.

A splash shirt is nothing more than half of what would be a regular spray skirt, it covers the front half of your cockpit and is used to keep the sun off your legs in the summer time and helps in keeping water out of the cockpit as well.

Some of the advantages of a splash skirt (also know as a sun skirt or half skirt) are that they allow air to circulate inside the cockpit which helps to dissipate the heat on those hot summer days.

Water in the form of splashes and drips coming off the paddle are also kept from entering the cockpit. Some manufactures incorporate pockets in the deck, which you may find convenient for accessing small items quickly.

I tested out a Seals Splash Deck, which comes in two different sizes. The color I selected was black but other colors are available as well. The deck material is a laminated nylon held in place by a bungee cord that is adjustable to fit almost any size kayak. A mesh quick access pocket with a zipper closure is on the top of the bag and to keep the bag from caving in there is implosion bar. A quick release nylon handle is included on the front of the skirt as well.

I tested my Splash Deck out the other day and it did everything it was advertised to do. One the concerns I had was whether my paddle would strike the top of the Splash Deck as I paddled. As a Greenland peddler I hold the paddle very close and low, yet I never came in contact with the implosion bar to my relief.

Greenland paddles have no drip rings, so there can be at times a fair amount of runoff or dripping from the paddle, none of which made its way into my cockpit.

The Splash Deck never pulled off while paddling and what water did fall on it was quickly shed by the side-to-side rolling of the kayak. No water soaked through the laminated nylon so the inside of the cockpit stayed both dry and cool.

A splash shirt was not meant for rolling in, it was meant to keep splashes and small waves off you plus offer some sun protection. Should you roll with it on its not going to keep out much, if any water, better to switch back to the tried and true full skirt, which I recommend always taking along should weather conditions change.

In all not a bad product,and I look forward to using it more as the summer progresses and the water warms up. Good luck.