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After spending considerable time writing a lengthy glowing review the internet swallowed it up before I finished never to be found again. So I’ll be brief.

Great flat to moderately rough water boat. Faster than you’d think - keeps up with longer sleeker sea kayaks. Seals 7.0 spray skirt and WS’s Pungo paddle work well. To me the dashboard is in the way more than it’s useful. Very comfortable cockpit and seat. Take a nap at the shoreline in the boat if the mood strikes you. Stable. Tough as nails.

The only issue - WS stopped making them. BRING BACK THE MIGHTY PUNGO 140!

Got my Trak out for the first time yesterday. This boat is amazing in engineering, assembly and most of all paddling. Assembly time is down to about 35 minutes after my third time. Don’t think I’ll get it to 10 minutes but 15 easy enough including adding flotation and sea sock. The lake water was calm so there was no wave action or moving water but she felt like a hard shell kayak to me. For those of you familiar with a NDK Romany and/or Greenlander Pro the Trak to me has a little touch of both. Not as fast as the Greenlander overall but playful/maneuverable as the Romany. Except for the rain hitting the deck with a nice “drumming” sound I wouldn’t have known the difference paddling along with my eyes closed. She felt nice and stiff like a composite boat. I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised by how my Trak felt on the water. To sum it up I’ll stop comparing her to other boats from now on and and just leave it at - She feels like a TRAK and that’s a good thing! The boat, gear and all fits nicely in a Honda Fit. I’m 5’8, 177 lbs. Paddling since 2005.

Very fast gear hauler. Took me awhile to get used to the rudder but I have learned to really appreciate it after having paddled rudderless boats for years. Mine is a Kevlar layup and has been tougher than I expected. The cockpit could be a little longer as I find it a bit difficult to get in and out of the boat but I think practice will provide a remedy for this. The trade off is it's a secure feeling with sprayskirt attached without a lot of room for water implosion. Traditional sweep or C rolling is difficult but doable due to the depth of the boat behind the cockpit. Forward finish roll is easy. Manufacturing quality is excellent.