Name: River2Sea

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I have previously owned AdvanceElements, Prijon, and Necky Kayaks and a Wenonah Canoe. After one six weeks and 6 trips I am very satisfied with this folding sit on top. The seating is the most comfortable I have experienced to date. At age 53 enjoy the easy of entry and exit from this sit on top.

I have paddled it so far on the ocean in gentle seas, and in the sounds of NC and Florida. Tracks well enough without the skeg and turns in it's own diameter with the skeg up. I am very pleased with the customer service of Feathercraft. The boat clearly is a quality product. Although spendy, in this case you get what you paid for.

Word of caution make sure you use sunblock as you will be so comfortable you will likely stay out on the water longer that your old tired butt is use to. I plan to use the Java thru the winter while wearing a wet suit. Always dress for the WATER TEMP not the AIR TEMP.

Set up time was 45 min out of the box as I read the instructions. Now down to 20-30 minutes including talking to the inquisitive by standers. Very gracefull lines and sea manners so far.

Suggestions:1. Make the skeg a little easier to lower. Currently must do it before launching. 2. Make the bow and stern ends 3 inches longer for better hand holds when carrying. 3.Carrying bag ends already showing some puncture wear from aluminum pole ends after two times thru Airport terminals.

My necky Chatham tracks very well without the skeg in stiff winds and choppy seas. Good boat overall.