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Name: redevad

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I bought this canoe used. I like the canoe for fishing because it has good initial stability. I use it for trips in the BWCA. It's not the fastest canoe but works well for a larger guy with a pretty heavy pack. The built in yoke works, but I usually use a detachable one. The built in yoke is a bit low in the boat, so it is difficult to use with a pack on. Overall I'm pretty happy with the canoe.

I have the UL Kevlar version. This canoe is great for tripping if you have two big people with quite a bit of gear. The canoe handles well in wind and big waves when loaded, but can be a bit of a hand full when empty in those conditions. The canoe is very stable for fishing or if you have kids or a dog.

This is a great PFD for canoe tripping. The vest has a lot of pockets so you can carry your phone, license, permits, power bar, etc. with you all the time when you're on the water. The vest has a number of loops that you can snap items to as well. The vest also had a couple of reflective strips. Overall an excellent item.

I use this pack for cane tripping. One nice feature is the mesh pouch on the front. You can put items you may need during the day or items that may be dirty or wet that you don't want inside of the pack.

One thing that would make the pack better is if the tab you use to tighten the straps after you put it on was longer. If it had a loop you could hang onto while you walk that would be really nice. I have carried about 55 pounds of gear and the pack was comfortable.
Highly recommended.