Name: Bamalongboat

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After paddling the 18X for a second season I am still in love with the boat. I am 5-10, and 180lbs...just above average balance and skills...had paddled many sea kayaks,,,plastic and composite which were wonderful but going to the 18X was smooth as butter.... it has saved me in some tight spots and bad water...only dumped once and it was my fault for having my new paddle not set properly.

The Sultan is an awesome boat... well designed and built... my size is 5'10" and 190# and is is a nice fit... could fit 20 pounds either way.. size 11 shoes. Very good speed and stable... attention to detail is very good. refitted the seat with a better seat, I have done this in most of my boats anyway. great buy.

I am 5'10", 190#, size 11 shoe, 60 senior, 5 years experience. Awesome glide, a little more tippy than a regular sea kayak but amazing stability after a couple of weeks paddling... it is a hard chine so round hull people may not like the clocking feel but it is solid. BEST GLIDE of any boat that I have paddled, almost equal to speed of Epic 18X in still water, better speed than 18X in rough water. Beautiful boat.

Amazing boat... going from a regular sea kayak to the 18X was smooth as butter. I fall out of surf skis but can paddle rough water in the 18X. I don't like the foot peddles and wobbly rudder.... or the straps (old system) and the rudder access cover that degrades too fast in sun light. that said... it is still an awesome boat.

The Elaho is my favorite plastic sea kayak. It is fast, predictable and stable. It makes a great second boat if you move on to a lighter racing boat as your skill develops. The only negative is the weight. I would recommend it to friends. If buying a used one be aware that hatch covers are in good shape and are expensive.

Amazing boat... loved the design and speed and stability... my only gripe was the small cockpit... I am NOT a fan of ocean cockpits. I would love to try one with a larger cockpit

A wonderful boat that fits a large range of people. It is a nice balance of weight and size for a plastic boat...(have not tried a composite) I have a friend that paddled 640 miles from Rome, GA to Mobile Bay in a shorter version. This boat is a keeper even if you move on the lighter faster boats as a loaner.

I am 5'10" and 180#... a senior with 5 years experience. This is an amazing "feel" of a boat... round hull is stable but great speed, (I like hard chine but this is sweet).. this boat is not as fast as the new generation 18X types but will beat them in a long rough water race with the same paddler. AND they are well built like most Current Design boats.

I am 5'10", 185# and a senior, this is a great rough water boat... comfortable with good speed... I am not a skeg fan but enjoyed paddling the Sirocco. It was well designed and well made. It was comfortable to new people that I would take out for the first time but can grow with a paddler as his/her skills improve.