Name: subrosakayak

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I've had this model for two seasons and put it to use a total of 10 days as it is a spare. I've owned many sprayskirts in my career as a paddlesports instructor, guide, and retail manager. Several have been Seals. Unfortunately the quality of materials, manufacturing and customer service has been a disappointment recently. The coated fabric that is used for the Sneak doesn't stay water proof for a reasonable amount of time. The manufacturing is of poor quality as the stitching and taped seam seals are poorly done and fail sooner than other skirts of similar construction. The design isn't well thought out when it comes to fit of both the boat and the paddler. The rubberized material that is supposed to help keep the skirt on the coaming actually doesn't because of poor layout of the tube panels. In addition, the rubberizing makes it unreasonably hard for one to put the skirt on the coaming as it grabs excessively preventing one from slipping it around from the back to the front.

When I contacted the company about failing fabric, seams, and stitching on the skirt I got a reply with excuses and a refusal that my item met the warranty regarding manufacturer defects. Oh, and the person didn't sign the email so I'm not sure who I corresponded with.

I wouldn't recommend this Seals products at this time.