Sneak sprayskirt

by  Seals

Sneak sprayskirt Description

The general-purpose Seals Sneak 7.0 spray skirt is great for moderate conditions. It helps keep water out while protecting legs from harsh sunlight.

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I've had this model for two…

Submitted by: subrosakayak on 5/9/2022

I've had this model for two seasons and put it to use a total of 10 days as it is a spare. I've owned many sprayskirts in my career as a paddlesports instructor, guide, and retail manager. Several have been Seals. Unfortunately the quality of materials, manufacturing and customer service has been a disappointment recently. The coated fabric that is used for the Sneak doesn't stay water proof for a reasonable amount of time. The manufacturing is of poor quality as the stitching and taped seam seals are poorly done and fail sooner than other skirts of similar construction. The design isn't well thought out when it comes to fit of both the boat and the paddler. The rubberized material that is supposed to help keep the skirt on the coaming actually doesn't because of poor layout of the tube panels. In addition, the rubberizing makes it unreasonably hard for one to put the skirt on the coaming as it grabs excessively preventing one from slipping it around from the back to the front.

When I contacted the company about failing fabric, seams, and stitching on the skirt I got a reply with excuses and a refusal that my item met the warranty regarding manufacturer defects. Oh, and the person didn't sign the email so I'm not sure who I corresponded with.

I wouldn't recommend this Seals products at this time.


Ive used this skirt twice so…

Submitted by: jordanlongla on 8/31/2020
Ive used this skirt twice so far, and its extremely comfortable and has great features (front pockets and entry zipper) but damn its hard to get around the hatch. It literally takes me 10 minutes to get it on after I climb into my kayak. I’ve been leaving it on over night to try and loosen it up a little, but no luck on that. I definitely want a tight fit of course, but Im already winded from dealing with it before I even begin paddling every day.

I purchased two sneak spray…

Submitted by: gchambers on 9/1/2016
I purchased two sneak spray skirts from a local kayak shop that were on closeout. One as a spare and one to use now.

The sneak is a good design for a sheltered water spray skirt to protect from paddle drip or rain. Due to the nylon construction it will take on a little water around the seal to the cockpit combing if the deck is submerged by waves or the boat is rolled. This can be a safety issue in open water if conditions get rough. A small amount of water drips in every time the combing is submerged. Over time this can put enough water in the cockpit to impact stability.

As a sheltered water spray skirt, the sneak is a great design. It is easily adjusted to the torso and the suspenders hold the tunnel high on the torso. It is comfortable.

I especially like the zipper on the tunnel for ease of getting into the spray skirt or taking the skirt off around bulky paddling clothing.

Another nice feature are the two zippered pockets on the skirt. These have about twice the capacity as the single pocket on the Coastal Tour skirt.

I rate this skirt high for use in sheltered water and the only reason I give it an 8 is because of its limitations in open water. If paddling conditions where the combing will be submerged frequently, consider a neoprene spray skirt.


The Seals Sneak works great…

Submitted by: Yekoms on 10/8/2015
The Seals Sneak works great for my needs. I wasn't looking for a completely water tight skirt. I wanted some splash protection while being comfortable. It's lightweight and I don't feel confined while wearing it. It removes from the kayak with one easy pull of the handle. Being able to access the inside of the kayak by the zippers is great. I've seen some people use the Sneak with the zipper opened for sun protection. I only use it for colder weather. If you think that having a spray skirt is a claustrophobic or scary thing this is the skirt for you.

I've had a Sneak skirt for 3…

Submitted by: EdZep on 8/5/2013
I've had a Sneak skirt for 3 or 4 years. I have used it maybe 8 times, with my Tempest. Until learning to roll this past year (with neoprene skirts), I had not been much of a skirt user. Today, it was hot, and I decided to wear the Sneak, and give it a try with a roll. I put it on as I always had, with bungee as tied off at the factory. The skirt imploded immediately. I wound up taking about 9 inches out of the bungee (4 1/2 per side, on the knot). That allowed the skirt to hang on, on subsequent rolls.

It was not any harder to get the skirt on; the main difficulty in putting on a nylon skirt is always having to walk the bunched up nylon around the bungee and coaming. Maybe Seals expects users to tighten up the bungees. I should have been more rigorous with the fit, in any case. Of course, some water did pass the skirt, but, it's ok for minimal or unexpected rolling.

I like the main features of the Sneak: elastic suspenders, Velcro waist adjustment, outer zip pockets, and, most of all, the zipper that allows access to items under the skirt. The under-skirt-access zipper also allows the skirt to be donned easily -- hanging loose on the shoulders, by the suspenders -- then snapped, then zipped. The Velcro waist adjusters can be set once, then forgotten.

I was surprised today, to notice that, after such infrequent use, the backside coating on the nylon is crumbling away in several places. On one hand, I don't really expect a nylon skirt to be waterproof, anyway. But, would hope the coating would be more robust.