Name: Shagnasty78

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I have owned an old town Appalachian for over 15 years I bought this canoe for white water camping trips and has been the best canoe I have ever had. The poly link 3 can take a beating and still look great. After years of being beaten on rocks and logs there are only a few minor creases in the haul. I have had to replace the wooden thwarts but it was after I had to store it under my deck for a couple years so I was my own fault.

This canoe can haul a lot of gear for long trips and still ride high in the water with plenty free board. The handling is fantastic with quick response to shoot rapids. If your looking for a tough canoe you can't go wrong with an old town Appalachian

I owned a We-no-nah Sundowner 18 with a Kevlar haul for about 12 years. I used it for racing USCA Standard class and the boat is very fast and easy to steer. It also makes a great tripping canoe that can haul a lot of gear and still perform well. I sold the boat 5 years ago to buy a Minnesota II and although the Minnesota is a great boat I still miss my old Sundowner. If your looking for a great handling canoe the Sundowner is a great buy.

I bought a We-no-nah Minnesota II about 5 years ago to use for racing USCA Standard Class. The Minnesota II is a fast and stable canoe that also makes a great tripping canoe. My canoe is a Kevlar haul that has held up very well and I have not had to make any repairs even with the occasional bump against rocks and logs over the years. I would highly recommend the Minnesota II to add to your fleet.

I bought a Carbon haul Epic 18X 5 years ago to use for USCA racing. The 18X is in my opinion the fastest kayak in it's class. It is very easy to handle and can handle the occasional bumps on the river. The kayak can haul enough gear on camping trips to stay out for weeks on end when you need to get away for awhile.

I have owned dozens of kayaks over the years and the Epic 18X is by far the best I have had the pleasure to paddle. I highly recommend the Epic.