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We are up to 3 Delta kayaks…

Submitted by: splonger on 7/25/2020
We are up to 3 Delta kayaks now - 2 17's and a 15S. All of them are dearly loved and much used. The construction and design of all the Delta products is second to none, and they seem to just keep getting better! They are also noticeably lighter than most fibreglass boats. Hatches are dry, the perimeter and bungee lines are well thought out, and the hulls are quite efficient. What more could you ask? Well, they are also nearly indestructible. A great investment which gives back so much performance and durability is a rare find these days.

The Delta 17 was my first…

Submitted by: paddler237022 on 8/10/2016

The Delta 17 was my first ever kayak purchase, I purchased it Canoeacopia this year. After having taken it out on several lake and rivers, I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

I was looking for something I could learn with recreationally this year and for that this kayak is overkill. This baby glides effortlessly through the water and tracks perfectly.

But my future plans with same kayak, once I build up skills on rolling and re-entry are to take it on overnight camping river trips, and out onto the great lakes for trips to Apostles Islands. I wanted a kayak that could handle that need once I was ready.

One thing the sales person talked me into which I thought was going to NOT be worth was getting a nicer all carbon fiber paddle. I've been blown away with how big of a difference a good kayak like the Delta 17 combined with a good paddle makes. On my longer river runs, I've traded off with folks whom rented, and it's amazing how fast you get fatigued with cheaper solutions. I been out on several 4-5 hour length paddles this year and have experienced no fatigue from paddling while in my Delta. However 20 minutes in a rental and I can feel it.

Finally, personally I feel the design of the Delta kayak is a differentiator! I belong to several kayak clubs and people from all of them comment on how nice it looks compared to anything else! Included in that smart design is a very easy way to lock up your kayak. When doing river trips we all drop our kayaks off up river, then drive down river to drop cars off, only to drive back up river to start our journey again. The Delta 17 is a more expensive choice, and being able to easily lock it u and keep it secure when I am not around it adds to piece of mind.


I purchased a Delta 17 last…

Submitted by: paddler236559 on 10/15/2015
I purchased a Delta 17 last spring from my friends at Frontenac Outfitters. I was waiting for as re-design as the older seats were not good, there was no day their credit I emailed the company and they listened and incorporated awesome changes to the rudder, carrying handles, rudder and they threw in a day hatch redesigned the front of the boat further streamlining the hull...the result? You will not find a better, lighter kayak in this price range.

It is great for long excursions, turns on a dime and is fast! Unless you plan to spend $4000 for a expensive composite Zegul GT....this Delta boat is great for all uses! The seats are redesigned and the combing and newer hatch covers are solid and dry....Check out Frontenac Outfitters in the spring in Ontario Canada and try one out!!!


Excellent hard chined…

Submitted by: Darc2011 on 10/8/2015
Excellent hard chined sea/touring boat. I'm 6' 220lb and 50 yrs old have owned a 14' Tsunami and a 17' CD Sirrocco. So Delta 17' Sport gives you the handling of a Sirrocco with the stability of the Tsunami. The secondary is exceptional and I find the primary very good now I'm comparing this to the Sirrocco who's primary is tender if your over 200lbs and tall.

I love how it tracks but can carves a turn with some lean and a real hard secondary due to the hard chine. Mines rudders I wanted a skeg but price was right. Would recommend this boat highly


I've had my lime green 17…

Submitted by: dschramm11 on 7/25/2013
I've had my lime green 17 Sport for about 4 months now and really am digging it. It's an absolutely stable design, secondary is amazing. It rolls very nicely and smoothly when you need it to, and when you don't, it is solid as a rock.

As far as features, it has about everything I could want in a touring boat, excellent capacity, excellent rigging, and gets all sorts of compliments.

My complaints are few. You should inspect the insides for any potential "pokers" which may impale your dry bags, but this should be standard for any boat so I am simply stating a complaint since there are no other flaws or things that annoy me.

I've logged at least 40 nautical miles on it so far and if Delta needs a spokesperson, they can get a hold of me anytime. Bulkheads are bone dry. Damn fine boat for the money. I'd give it a 10, but without the rudder, it does make keeping a straight line in the wind a challenge.


Following up on my own review... I've had this boat a month…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/20/2011
Following up on my own review...
I've had this boat a month now and it's a thing of beauty. I ended up going back to Frontenac Outfitters to have the hip kit installed, and the boat just hums now. Fits me like a glove.

I still haven't managed to tip it by accident though I sometimes feel mighty close -- secondary stability is really good. And it simply has good looks. To be maybe too frank, I'm disappointed when I'm putting in or taking out and there's no one there to say, "Hey, nice boat, what kind is it?"

As mentioned in my previous review I'm fairly new to kayaking. This boat is perfect for me.


So this was my graduation to a "big boy's" boat. I started kayaking…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/26/2011
So this was my graduation to a "big boy's" boat.
I started kayaking this year after doing a lot of canoe tripping when I was younger (I'm 56 now.) Began with a 12' Perception Carolina which is a nice enough boat, enough to give me a taste for the sport. Anyway, after putting in quite a few miles in the Carolina I started checking out bigger and more serious boats. Ended up at Frontenac Outfitters near Kingston, Ontario, where I tried the Delta 17.

What a lovely boat. Though I'm not very experienced, I found its initial stability very good. I climbed into it from a high-ish dock (first time I'd done that) and away I went. Then I discovered edging :) Finally having a boat that really "fit", I was delighted to see how slight shifts in hips really turned the boat. Revelation :) I took my camera gear with me and felt quite comfortable fiddling about with that, not tippy at all. Seems like it will be a very good day-boat.

Anyway: love it so far. I have no idea how it does in rough water because I haven't taken it there yet. But as a "next step" for folks like me who want to master a proper sea kayak it seems like a great choice.