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I brought a used Anadyr that was in pristine shape. It is light (53 lbs)and responsive. I had some concern about the primary stability mentioned as a little tippy in some articles but have had no problems. With that said, it probably shouldn't be your first boat. The cockpit is a keyhole design and it took a little effort for me to get used to and get into it (I am average size, 5'9", 175 lbs. It fits like a glove and I'm looking forward to learning it.

I think the deck rigging could be better. It's thinner than I am used to and I doubt it be very helpful in a self-rescue using my paddle propped in it. My plan is to replace it with thicker rigging.

This boat does not have a rudder and doesn't really need one. It can be added however. It turns well with edging. This boat has two hatches that are ample in size with covers that are attached by a cord, a good feature. I would have liked a 3rd hatch for day use items.
This boat is a keeper.

I have used the Thermarest LuxuryLite Mesh Cot several times now. My experienced (older) body was not happy with my old blow up pads, floats, and foam that I have used over the years.

I was looking for something that could give me a good night's rest and I found it. It's pricey but prices vary so check around. There is a regular size and a large size. The regular size weighs 3 lbs 2 oz. I use it for kayak camping so weight is not much of a consideration but size is. I have to be able to stow it in through one of my hatches.

The bow frame comes in several pieces including aluminum poles and nylon feet. It took me a while to get the hang of putting it together but it's really a breeze. It raises you about 3 or 4 inches off the floor and is especially appreciated during wet weather camping when wet gear can leave an occasional puddle that might get your a more conventional pad and bedding wet.

I would recommend it to anyone that needs to upgrade to a better system than the pads and mattresses for whatever reason.

I have used the NRS Taj M'Haul Deck Bag since December (Christmas gift) and it is now September. It gets moderate use, not extreme use. There are things I like and things I definitely don't like about this deck bag.

On the pro side, it is a good size, it has reflective properties for night time paddling and the pockets are easily accessible. The zippers work well and easy. There is some velcro webbing that helps secure the bag to the kayak using your kayak bunge cord webbing. It also has clips that also secure it to the kayak webbing.

On the con side, the grommets have pulled out from around the bunge cord that encircles the main bag and this may affect its longevity. There is a piece of plastic that gives the bag rigidity and it is sort of difficult to deal with so I have anchored it by punching a couple of holes in it and anchored the bunge cord to it with some rubber washers and a knot.

I haven't tried other bags to know if these same issues exist or if they have fixed the problem.