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Anadyr Reviews

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I brought a used Anadyr that…

Submitted by: eebemt on 10/21/2015
I brought a used Anadyr that was in pristine shape. It is light (53 lbs)and responsive. I had some concern about the primary stability mentioned as a little tippy in some articles but have had no problems. With that said, it probably shouldn't be your first boat. The cockpit is a keyhole design and it took a little effort for me to get used to and get into it (I am average size, 5'9", 175 lbs. It fits like a glove and I'm looking forward to learning it.

I think the deck rigging could be better. It's thinner than I am used to and I doubt it be very helpful in a self-rescue using my paddle propped in it. My plan is to replace it with thicker rigging.

This boat does not have a rudder and doesn't really need one. It can be added however. It turns well with edging. This boat has two hatches that are ample in size with covers that are attached by a cord, a good feature. I would have liked a 3rd hatch for day use items.
This boat is a keeper.


Well crafted boat and lighter…

Submitted by: captainFD on 6/16/2014
Well crafted boat and lighter than most comparable fiberglass boats even though it's hand laid. Very impressed with how balanced it is; you can see it on the water and feel it when loading. An incredible deal for the price. A very elegant boat to see out on the water.

I've been paddling one for almost a year now, and love it. I like the "negative rocker" design, negates need for a rudder and helps with tracking and speed, but does make it more tricky getting in/out in shallow water or beach launches. While not strong on primary stability it has a lot of secondary if you just stay loose and trust it; I tend to take water/snack breaks with weight shifted slightly to one side to take advantage of the secondary.

For the price, responsive performance, speed and aesthetic value, it's a hard boat to beat and I recommend it!


I came from a whitewater…

Submitted by: kmcginnis6 on 11/6/2013
I came from a whitewater background and didn't think I would crave flatwater paddling...but I do now! The Anadyr is a phenomenal boat. Fast, Beautiful, Responsive and the most value priced glass kayak in it's class. I bought mine off Craigslist in Mississippi for only $1200!!! The guy has a few left if interested check them out. Did my first race with one and finished 2nd in the under 17/6" class and beat some surf ski's! Minimal outfitting but EXTREMELY comfortable in that 6 hour race.

I have this kayak since 2002.…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/2/2009
I have this kayak since 2002. I am 6' tall and weigh 180 lbs.
  • Straight tracking, no need for a rudder or skeg
  • Weather cocks only slightly.
  • Aesthetics unbeatable
  • 50lbs weight; easy to carry.


  • Low initial stability; no picture taking here.
  • Cockpit length to short. You have to sit on the edge to get in or out.
  • No or slightly negative rocker makes launching or landing more difficult.

You want a well made and…

Submitted by: jaggedfin on 6/22/2007
You want a well made and designed performance kayak at a reasonable price, this is it!

No need for a rudder, this boat tracks and turns very well. Speed is only limited by how fast and hard you can paddle. I love to take this boat out and cruise across the water. The cockpit design doesn't leave me feeling cramped up or closed in. I have one of the earlier models and the hull has changed, but they have made some design changes in the top decking and hatches. It is a beautiful boat and it is a keeper.

Too bad there aren't more dealers, Januatica boats are a steal for you get for the price. They are worth seeking out.


I thoroughly enjoy my Anadyr;…

Submitted by: suncat26 on 2/3/2003
I thoroughly enjoy my Anadyr; its a real bargain for such a great boat. Very good secondary stability, lots of room for gear, pretty to look at (I get lots of compliments on it), tracks arrow straight, is very responsive on turns, and at 50 pounds, I can handle it by myself (what a plus!). Highly recommend this boat. The importer and seller, Mr. Bob at Splashdance, is a great person to buy from-very helpful, kind and gives great service. If you can make the trip down to Niceville, Florida, its worth it to deal with him in person. Great guy and great boats. What more can I say!

I have paddled the Anadyr for…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/22/2001
I have paddled the Anadyr for about 6 months. The kayak was delivered new to my doorstep for the amazing price of $1700. I must prefix this review by saying that my first kayak was a CD Storm, and I have paddled few other models. I bought the Anadyr sight unseen, but with many email exchanges with the retailer. I am 6'2" with long legs and find that I do not fit comfortably into most thin boats. The Anadyr provides a surprisingly large amount of leg room with gently rounded deck that allows the knees to spread out the full width of the kayak. Although the midsection of the hull is fairly round, the bow and stern have a deep vee shape that acts as a built in skeg. Because of this, I have found that the Anadyr tracks great in high winds and chop. No need for a rudder or skeg. The boat seems plenty fast, but with the upswept bow and stern, the water line is much shorter than the 17.5' length, and is probably typical of many 16' boats. Initial and final stability are adequate, and it rolls smoothly. The seat is comfortable and it has plenty of storage space. My only complaint is that the cockpit length is a little too short and makes getting in and out a tight squeeze for a tall person. I also added additional deck fittings and bungies. The importer, Splashdance, mailed additional deck fittings free of charge, and the installation was simple. I would give this kayak a 10 out of 10 rating in terms of value for your money. It is a good performing kayak at a terrific price. However, if money is not an issue, other fiberglass kayaks will provide better finishing touches such as in the deck rigging and cockpit padding.

I recently bought my Anadyr…

Submitted by: paddler228995 on 11/13/2000
I recently bought my Anadyr after looking for a high performance boat. I currently own a Carolina which is a stable reliable boat. I have an Alto which is a fast nimble handling boat. However I needed one more kayak and wanted it to be a fast, high performance one. The Anadyr has very good hull speed and tracks well, yet is still maneuverable. The Anadyr is an excellent handling boat. I bought this boat untested based on reviews and my want in hull design. I do not think a rank beginner would enjoy this boat due to its low initial stability. If you are looking for a boat that goes beyond those I have mentioned, the Anadyr would be an excellent choice.

A fast responsive…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/29/1998
A fast responsive straight-tracking boat for intermediate or advanced paddlers. Edged turns. Doesn't need a rudder. Good capacity for trips.