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In Minnesota when a trailer…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/28/2021

In Minnesota when a trailer is registered the sales tax is paid to register. As a Minnesota company Space Trailers should be aware of this and either process the registration or not collect the tax. However, we paid the sales tax on purchase and then were required to pay it again to register the trailer at the DMV (because we didn't know). It's about $250. I have contacted and spoke to Space Trailer at least four times AFTER my husband had sent them an email that was just ignored. This began in September. Repeatedly I was told it would be taken care of and still have not received my refund even though last time Dave said he was processing my refund to my card. It never happened. When I called again I was sent to voice-mail and still have not received follow up. Customer service is unsatisfactory and, at this point, just completely dishonest. They have chosen to commit tax fraud. Buyer beware and if you purchased yours in Minnesota check that you didn't pay twice too!


Picked it up in Denver. Put…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/9/2019

Picked it up in Denver. Put a roof top tent right on and embarked on 8500 miles of road trip through national parks and camping in forests. Trailer did not skip a beat. Lightweight, secure, safe, and above all, easy to use. I have the long-neck high-rider version of the 6500 and it handled forest roads and highways with ease. Will also use it to haul kayaks and as a basic utility trailer with the top removed (which was also easy). These guys came through for me on a tight schedule and I couldn't be happier with the purchase.


This is a great light weight…

Submitted by: hasel on 5/30/2018

This is a great light weight trailer for a car or a truck. I drive a Subaru Impreza so I was looking for something light weight. I can easily get two kayaks or a canoe on the sport bars. There is plenty of room inside to haul all of my gear. This is a small family owned business and they work with you on a custom build to meet your specific needs. I have had this trailer for over a year and would highly recommend buying this trailer.


After 2 years with the Space…

Submitted by: lfhobbs on 10/25/2016
After 2 years with the Space Trailer, it continues to provide an excellent option between a canoe/kayak trailer and a utility trailer. I just hauled a desk and a dresser 300 miles in the covered trailer. They fit well and the drop down trailer tailgate was a plus as these pieces of furniture could slide out and in. Who would have thought a trailer could work for other purposes as well.

The size makes it possible to store a pop-up tent trailer, Space Trailer and my Honda CRV in a double garage for the winter. Sweet fit for everything! Saves Space!


Update to my 2014 review:…

Submitted by: paddler236699 on 4/17/2016
Update to my 2014 review: After almost 13k miles in every kind of weather, off as well as on road, this is an amazing companion. Worth every penny and more. We carry kayaks, bicycles, building supplies, and a 2-wheel tractor. It tows easily. Holds all you need on extended paddle trips. So much easier to load/unload than car top. Wonderful product. You'll enjoy having one of these, for sure.

Wonderful trailer. Although…

Submitted by: lfhobbs on 9/8/2014
Wonderful trailer. Although it's a bit pricey, it will last my lifetime. I bought the radial tires and it pulls easily. Not difficult to back up and I love the inside storage capacity!

IF you have been looking for a trailer, look no further! As a…

Submitted by: paddler235443 on 2/19/2014
IF you have been looking for a trailer, look no further!
As a Stand up paddle board rep and an avid outdoorsmen this trailer has been a life saver. After an unfortunate accident of losing my roof rack and 2 SUP off the top of my car I knew I needed to find another way to transport them. After looking at a number of options, I came across the Space Trailer. I called Todd and he spent about 45 minutes answering all my questions.

I have now used my Space Trailer 5 times and love it, the best part is that I noticed that I save about 5-8 mpg then when I used my roof rack. I would suggest that you go to and check them out, you will be happy you did.


After more than a year of…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/14/2014
After more than a year of research and two years of trying every kind of kayak cartop rack device out there, we've found the perfect answer. It's the "Swiss Army Knife" of trailers: The Space Trailer.

My wife and I are in our 70s and hoisting our touring and whitewater boats up onto our truck had gotten to be a real chore, even with lifting devices like the Thule Hullavator, Malone Telos, and Rhino Rack T-Loader. The Hullavator was good at lifting a boat, but its saddle pads caused our boats to oilcan and it generates a lot of drag. Rhino's T-Loader was very good but still required us getting on a stepladder to tie the boats down. Then we saw the Space Trailer on a newsletter and it looked like a great answer. So we trucked up to Space Trailers in Denver where we met Chas Olson, a member of the Olson family who invented Space Trailers. These guys are renowned for pioneering RollerBlades and now they've uncorked another great product.

What makes the Space Trailer unique is that it not only can serve as a kayak/canoe transporter, but it also holds a ton of gear inside a lockable and weatherproof enclosure. Matter of fact, drop the tailgate and the Space Trailer is big enough to load and carry our 2-wheel tractor. Or a huge load of materials from the lumber yard. It truly is a workhorse!

All the other trailers we looked at were built only for watercraft. They were open underneath so there was no protection for the boats from road grunge. Not so with the Space Trailer. Moreover, none had decent storage for our gear, let alone the ability to carry building materials and even lawn equipment. We'd considered converting our utility trailer,but since we got the Space Trailer, we have a do-it-all rig and will sell the utility trailer.

You can fit these rigs with crossbars from 50 to 80 inches and we plan to set ours up for toting four kayaks and all our paddling and camping gear. There are available options including: rubber bumpers on the rear so you can stack/store the trailer on its end; grab/tiedown rails on the sides called "Luv Handles"; a handy tongue jack and full-size spare tire; long and extra-long tongues for towing extra-long kayaks; and a model with extra ground clearance for when you go off road.

When we got to Space trailer's Denver Space Station, it didn't take long to learn how handy this rig would be. The canopy cover easily removes so you can load tall cargo or even small tractors. And in boat mode it lifts easily with strong gas struts, even with a couple of kayaks on the rack. The tongue weight is only about 50 lbs, so you can easily move the rig around on the tongue jack's wheel. Hooking up is a breeze and the LED tail and running lights are a welcome safety feature. It uses a 4-flat wiring connector. The quality of the Space Trailer is impressive. To say the least.

Towing our Space Trailer is a breeze. Our first trip with it included steep mountain passes and about 3" of snow and slush. We hardly knew we were hooked up. Our gas mileage was as if we were not pulling anything. There was no rattling from the hitch and absolutely no swaying in heavy crosswinds. Indeed, the trip was easy and enjoyable.

We are eagerly looking forward to no more heavy lifting each time we head out to paddle. We are definitely pleased with our Space Trailer and recommend any paddler give them a look. We found the designers at Space Trailer to be very reachable and extremely helpful with all our questions.

All in all, it looks like the Space trailer will be the handiest aid to kayaking out there for any paddler.


I have owned a Space Trailer…

Submitted by: lvpage on 11/11/2013
I have owned a Space Trailer with their added boat / bike rack bars for almost two years and have used it most often to go camping with my kayaks. I LOVE this trailer because it is lightweight, it keeps all my stuff locked up and dry (like tent, pads, food bags,) AND I can have a couple of kayaks on top. But coolest of all, I can open up the trailer to get inside to my gear without having to take the kayaks off the racks.
A GREAT design.

I saw it at a kayak symposium up in Bayfield, WI area, and knew in 10 seconds it was the trailer I had been looking for for years. I know this is kinda too-glowing, but it really is a wonderful design. Check out their website and see it for yourself. The only thing I would change is maybe put a metal stone / road debris barrier on the lower front, otherwise, it's totally ready to roll with all your toys and stuff in tow.