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Name: allsky7

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I have owned my Remix XP 10 now for several months and paddled 6-8 times. I have held off on review because I wanted to get some paddle time in first. This boat is as advertised. For class II (occasional class III) with FW in between, this boat rocks. It is big enough to pack for overnight trips. I am 6' 225 and there is plenty of room to move around. It is very stable and forgiving. I rarely use the drop skeg because frankly, most of the time,you don't need it. I do find that when you are facing a headwind in FW, it does come in handy. I recently paddled the Jackson All Water and the Pyranha Fusion.(On FW) . Both seemed to paddle well but came up short in a few areas. When you factor all things (seat comfort, drop skeg, dry hatch, thigh hooks, etc) there is no contest. The Remix XP 10 reigns. IMO, the Fusion, while paddling well, is too small for the 200+ pound crowd. Especially, if Pyranha is going to come out with a 9' version like LL and Jackson. And especially if it is going to be used as an overnight boat. I plan to keep my Remix XP 10(aka Dagger Approach on steroids) around for quite some time.

I am 6' 220#. I have looked high and low and think I have finally found the perfect boat in the TSU 125. OK, at least the perfect boat for me, keeping in mind that I am a rec paddler moving to the next level. I mostly paddle lakes and rivers up to class II rapids. This boat has the best seat in the industry, it has good speed, tracks well, is very stable, ample dry storage, deck rigging, and at 12.5' and 54#, is easy to manage out of water.

I only have a couple of minor complaints that seem rather petty when compared to the positives of this boat. A drink holder would be nice and for my build, an inch or so more of length to the cockpit would would have made this boat perfect. The width is fine but where the thigh braces mount to the boat (an inch or so overlap) makes the cockpit feel a smidge confining. I must add that I have mostly gotten used to this already.

All in all....WELL DONE and still a 10 as far as I'm concerned.

I recently purchased the EXP version of Prodigy 100. So good. Pleasantly surprised how well it paddled at my size. (6' 220lbs)

Lot of features on such a small boat.
Pros: low price,stable, light at 45lbs, front and rear deck rigging, dry storage, room behind seat, cup holder, thigh braces, paddle holder.
Cons: seat not as comfy as my Acadia 12.5, cockpit a little too big for my preference. I think it could have been a little smaller and still given the roomy feel. Will need a skirt for the I's and II's. I got wet on a class I on my first outing.

All in all, I think a good boat. I will report back after a few more excursions.

Just sold mine after owning for 4 years because I am into yaking these days.
Great all around boat. As previously mentioned, better in moving water. It's too bad they don't make them any longer. The reason I rated a 9 instead of 10 is because it is a little heavy. However, I think a bargain for the price. The Appy would be great but just too much $ for me.