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We recently added the RazorLite 393RL to the fleet and after paddling this in various conditions on a fast river, big lake, and creeks, I give this kayak a 10! One must paddle it to believe it's moves! Build quality (fit/finish) is top notch with high quality materials used (including the 3 Halkey valves), takes less than 10 minutes to fill, has 2 scupper ports in back (open/close), removable skeg, plenty of D rings for seat and feet adjustments, and at 13'10"" there is plenty of room for gear. Handling? Amazing handling (weighing 28lbs is a big help), with excellent glide, tracking, turning, stability, and ease of paddling. By far this kayak outperforms any inflatable on the market (hard shell rec kayaks too) and I've paddled most. Comes complete with a very good quality pump and decent paddle (good for travel), but buy a good 230/240 length paddle for a better experience. P4

Test paddled this kayak down here in Mexico on the Pacific. What a letdown! This kayak takes too long to assemble, does not track well at all, glide is minimal, and flexes way too much in rough water. The seat is the most uncomfortable I've ever sat in... who designed this?? Guaranteed to be a wet ride in waves of any sort. I tipped it to practice a reentry and its way too flexible. Glad I did the test paddle and now moving back to the Pakboat which gives a much better paddling experience in every way.

Finally found my favorite kayak after owning many different and popular SOT's. This X-13 is by far the best handling, fastest, and responsive kayak compared to the following I have owned (still own Prowler 13): Tarpon 14 and 16', OK Prowler 13 and 15, and OK Trident 13. A Bic Scapa, Perception Search, and a OK Scupper Pro.

The build quality is excellent and the roto mold plastic they use is hard and thick. The X-13 is 13'10" in length with a long waterline which gives it speed, glide, and it holds a line very well. The front hatch is a great design with lots of room for storage and even after a afternoon of waves coming over the bow, it was dry. It's easily as fast as the Tarpon 160, but handling is much better. With a big sweep paddle stroke while leaning back and to the side, it turns easily. With straight tracking, silent bow, and very good speed, I can hang with sea kayaks for hours.
Well done Malibu!

After a test paddle, I realized it's too big of a compromise when compared to a sit on top, sit inside, or even a high quality touring inflatable. Let me start: seat is very uncomfortable and you are flat on the bottom..think sitting in ANY water that gets in (and it gets in). The whole clip/snap together process seems fragile. In fact, the whole kayak is fragile. This is not something you can take in any rough water due to it's flexing too much. The glide and tracking were not anywhere close to a hard shell kayak (sot or sink) and there is no way to install a rudder (helpful in current or wind).

In the end I came to the conclusion that a high quality inflatable or hybrid like a Pakboat is a much better choice: both easily carried in any car, perform better (especially the Pakboat Quest,XT-17, and 12' Puffin and yes, I paddled all). I urge anyone to paddle the Oru first before buying as I found it to be very mediocre in performance, especially compared to hard shells, Pakboats or Folbots, or the Saturn Ocean Pro or Aire Sawtooth inflatables .

Purchased this kayak 10 days ago and after 4 days of paddling on big water, 3' waves, a fast moving river, and a white water ride on Class II&III, this is one heck of a inflatable! She's built very well, finish, fit, and quality at top notch. Even the paddles (2 sets) and the high pressure pump is of very good quality. Spare Halkey valve and patch kit included too.

First off, this kayak paddles much closer to a hard shell than any inflatable I have ever paddles (and thats quite a few) since it rides on the tubes due to the high pressure floor being above the water. With the 2 skegs down, it tracks straight with no wiggle. I used a cheapie WalMart electric pump to get it inflated in 10 minutes and then pumped up the tubes and floor until firm..easy with good quality pump included. Paddled solo or single, it holds a line and is very responsive.

Stable? Kidding me..this would take work to flip it. At 14', there is plenty of room for 2 paddlers (we are 6-2 and 5'8") with room for gear on each end. I had my sights set on the Aire Sawtooth (13') and while it's a great kayak, this OK420 Ocean Pro paddled better in every way: very responsive due to cat style raised hull with only the tubes in the water, lighter at around 40 lbs, and all around more responsive. It paddles as well as my OK Prowler Trident 13' or my former Tarpon 16' Hard to believe, but the raised floor makes this kayak have very little drag.

I purchased their high back seats that have a raised bottom of 3" and it gives me a much improved paddle angle. With my deep blade, 240 Cannon, this thing moves. Best part is when finished, wipe it down, hit the Halkey valves to deflate in 2-3 minutes, roll it up, place it in their high quality (generous size too) bag, and toss it in whatever you drive. Headed to the John Day River and the Umpqua Rivers in Oregon in two weeks and happy as a clam. Buying one for my gf. Purchased this one at the Saturn dealer in Everett, WA. All around great experience.

After owning the original Prowler 13 and 15, a Wilderness Tarpon 160, Perception 15, and a Necky Vector 13, this Prowler 13T is my favorite... by far!

OK did everything right on this yak: no hull slap, very good tracking and glide, very stable, the front, middle, and rod pod hatches are great for easy storage and stay dry too. It's a much drier ride than any other I listed above and the adjustable foot pegs stay put... not so with the Tarpon 160 and Perception Search. The center carry handles are perfectly centered for balance, has a skid plate on the rear for protection, and the best deck layout of any yak listed.

Took it out on some big whitecaps and it was dry and stable. Took it on a fast Class II river and it rode like a sports car on a track... stable and quick to turn. This one's a keeper for sure.

After having owned the OK Prowler 13' & 15' and the Tarpon 16', the Search 15' is my all around favorite. Excellent stability in rough water, tracking is outstanding, speed is equal to the Tarpon 16, seat/deck layout is perfect and it's a dry ride even for my 210 lbs. Front hatch fits tightly and let NO water in as is the small center hatch next to the seat. The seat is very comfortable, the fit/finish/rigging is very good. Have had this kayak in big whitecaps and rolling swells and it performed well. The downside to this kayak is it's heavy..but that also makes it track very well and there is no hull slap from waves! Outstanding kayak, good job Perception.

Purchased my new 2008 Easky 15' 5 months ago and am very pleased: excellent stability (carrying my photo gear), very good speed and can easily hang with experienced paddlers in more expensive/narrow yaks, turns well (especially in fast moving rivers), large cockpit and very comfortable seat (I'm 6-2/210), feet comfortable (size 12) even with my boots on, easy to adjust foot pegs, Kajak hatch covers are top notch and after many practice rescues..not one little leak, well sealed bulkheads, love the rudder..simple and strong, the plastic on my 2008 is strong and appears just like the P&H Capella's, finish and details are top notch.

In summary, this kayak should be at the top of anyone's list for durability, performance, an excellent value. I have had it in some large ocean swells, class II rivers, lakes, and I believe it is one of the best all around kayaks... good job Easky.

Bought my Scapa new about 4 weeks this SOT! At 14.5' it tracks and glides very well and I have no trouble keeping up with experienced paddlers in traditional SIK's fast.

This French made boat has excellent build quality and perfect deck layout...very comfortable. After trying a Tarpon 120 and a Redfish 12', the Scapa wins hands down. Had it out last night in some very choppy water and large boat waves and it performed well with some light spray coming over the front deck, but maybe due to me being 6-2/215lbs. Great "feel" with this kayak and turns quickly. Next step is to paddle it with thigh braces and really push it...happy guy here.

After a testing this kayak (also tested a Tarpon 120 and Red Fish), I bought a new one and happy as a clam. Over the weekend, I took it down a Class II river and it's very stable, easy to turn, pretty dry for a SOT, and holds a line well. It moves faster than expected. Next paddle was on a calm lake and found it pretty fast, able to hold a straight line, quiet, and VERY comfortable (6'2"/215). Excellent deck layout. I see myself keeping this boat for a long time.