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The Prowler 13T Angler is a kayak brought to you by Ocean Kayak. Read Prowler 13T Angler reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

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Prowler 13T Angler Reviews

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I love this beast. I'm a…

Submitted by: paddler534419 on 7/29/2019

I love this beast. I'm a female, 56 and fairly strong so I can carry it around although it's pretty heavy. It's super stable but still fast and I can out-row all my little friends who think they're lightning fast. Shows you what they know. Plenty of room for all my stuff and comfortable for hours at a time. Taking her to Maine this year!


Inshore and Offshore fishing…

Submitted by: paddler463884 on 9/10/2018

Inshore and Offshore fishing machine. Tracks well, stable and fast. Great workhorse. Use it to fish the Outer banks and Shenandoah and Potomac. Very versatile. the main bow hatch is wide enough to store and easily access all the gear. Paddle holders work well and built in rod holders are fantastic, especially when used for trolling. Takes abuse well and stands up to rocks and scratches. Seat is very comfortable and the scruppers drain the water well, when combines with scrupper plugs a four season fishing machine. Good value for the money. Built in foot rests are better than most of the adjustable ones I used in the past. Did not use the rudder option but the pre-drilled holes look dependable. Carrying handles are very comfortable and the only minus would be the center key/phone hatch, it leaks and does not seem to hold seal as such accumulates water. I just got rid off the top and use it for bait and tackle storage as an open bin. PROS: Price, weight, stability and versatility, speed and material.


Highly recommended for the…

Submitted by: Streightdon on 9/8/2014
Highly recommended for the overweight like myself. Stability within reason, still awaiting to catch a fish large enough for a free toll. Any larger (15T) would have been an overbite for me and any smaller (11T) would be undermined. Enough room for an ice chest, bait and a couple rods.

After owning the original…

Submitted by: jimx200 on 7/16/2013
After owning the original Prowler 13 and 15, a Wilderness Tarpon 160, Perception 15, and a Necky Vector 13, this Prowler 13T is my favorite... by far!

OK did everything right on this yak: no hull slap, very good tracking and glide, very stable, the front, middle, and rod pod hatches are great for easy storage and stay dry too. It's a much drier ride than any other I listed above and the adjustable foot pegs stay put... not so with the Tarpon 160 and Perception Search. The center carry handles are perfectly centered for balance, has a skid plate on the rear for protection, and the best deck layout of any yak listed.

Took it out on some big whitecaps and it was dry and stable. Took it on a fast Class II river and it rode like a sports car on a track... stable and quick to turn. This one's a keeper for sure.


I recently purchased this…

Submitted by: archer1945 on 2/7/2012
I recently purchased this kayak and decided to add a rudder mainly for using a sail but found it is great for paddling in the wind. I am quite pleased with the stability and handling but I too would like to have had some bulkheads and you need to remember to secure anything you put in the hatch as it can slide to the other end of the kayak. All of this space is great for storing gear; it is best to put smaller things in bags so they don't get away from you...It will go to the ocean but there it will have floatation bags installed first because you can sink it...

I bought a 13' Ocean Kayak…

Submitted by: paddler233454 on 12/21/2009
I bought a 13' Ocean Kayak Trident Prowler at the end of the summer season 2009, so picked it up for £600. Have used it on the sea, lake & river. It was good fun on the surf, i.e. taking on the waves, but hard to turn and control coming-in. Took it on a not so calm Ullswater (UK) with 2/3' waves - It handled brilliantly, even managed to surf a few waves. I was a little disappointed with the finish on the front hatch cover, I had to cut off some of the over hanging plastic to improve the seal as I was taking in a lot of water when I was messing around on the surf (I know it was meant for this purpose, but when in Rome). I will need to fit some flotation bags as there are no bulk heads in the boat, so there is the risk that it could be completely filled with water in rough seas, lakes or rivers. On the whole it is very stable SOT Kayak. Loads of storage areas. Cuts a nice straight line and very comfortable. Easy to use on calm rivers, very capable on lakes or the sea. I use a cheap TNP (£35) kayak paddle which is longer than a normal paddle - I find this a lot better than normal kayak paddles which are shorter. You can all ways attach a spare paddle on the boat.

After a lot of reading and…

Submitted by: paddler233089 on 4/29/2009
After a lot of reading and researching, I narrowed it down to the OK Trident Angler 13 and the WS Tarpon 140. Came across a deal on a 13 on ebay and bought it. It paddles great, gets started easily, glides well after it gets going, stability is good to great, you can turn sideways and sit with your legs hanging over without any worry of dumping your 600 plus dollar fly rod in the lake. I don't know if a rudder would help it on a windy day or not. You do have to make a few corrective strokes to stay straight if its real windy. Otherwise it does just fine. Its fast, has plenty of storage, pfd, paddle, rods, tackle box anchor, lines, everything but the milk crate and cooler, you can fit below the deck. My rod pod cover seems to not fit properly at the far end, so I am gonna do a little adjusting on that. But other than that, its great.

Ocean Kayak Prowler Trident…

Submitted by: paddler232881 on 9/15/2008
Ocean Kayak Prowler Trident 13. Definitely a great well thought out craft. Pros: lots of storage capacity and well equiped for fishing. Easy to access recessed rod holders. Rod pod is huge benefit to access storage area. Boat well sealed to stay dry. Most of screw holes are molded and not drilled through the shell, a really nice feature. I can stand and cast pretty easily in calm conditions, breezy and it might be a little tipsy. Stable & fast, tracks ok, had a little trouble keeping it straight. I have the rudder version of the Trident 13 and this easily corrects the tracking issue; its also very handy in windy conditions, rudder is key due to the boats size and proneness to being blown around. Cons: Rod pod is a little wide in between legs but workable. Seat area is flat so legs are level, not contoured like you see in a lot of sit on tops, you get increased storage for this so its a tradeoff, especially pulling and putting rods in and out. You may want to invest in a good cushion as there is a slight tendency to slide forward but rod pod keeps you in place. Rudder foot pegs don't appear to have a lot of room for adjusting to different leg lengths and comfort positions. May require some custom modification. Side handles are a little in the way when deep paddling I tended to catch them on the paddle when paddling canoe style. All in all, its a great boat, very pleased!

The Ocean Kayak Trident 13 is…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/28/2008
The Ocean Kayak Trident 13 is a very well designed sit-on-top kayak, especially for those interested in kayak fishing. The Trident 13 is basically a shortened version of the Trident 15. The 13 has a cross lock front hatch, sonar shield, and rod pod, like its longer brother. The boat also paddles very well, and has an increased capacity over the standard Prowler 13. This boat definitely has all the "bells and whistles" that will make it best in its length class of sit-on-tops.