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I love this paddle! I purchased this Harmony Drifter aluminum paddle about a month and a half ago and have already used it several times. It is incredibly light for such an inexpensive paddle (picked up mine on sale for $35). The two piece paddle locks together securely. The right half of the paddle has an egg-shaped shaft so it is easy to get it positioned properly in your hands. It glides in and out of the water with almost no effort and minimal splash. I can cruise along quite easily without fatigue.

I also have a Shoreline Marine rounded paddle which I can get more power out of due to its larger blades, but it also takes more effort to use and I get wetter using it. The Harmony Drifter looks very similar to the Bending Branches Whisper, but after trying a BB paddle, I found the Harmony to be lighter and in my opinion smoother to use and of course cheaper.

I bought one of these little kayaks for my 7 year old son to go kayaking with me on the local lake. He loves it! His only complaints are that it doesn't have a seat back which I'm planning to get him one soon and that he can't keep up with me. This is by no means a fast kayak, but it is incredibly stable and cheap. He can stand on it and use it like a paddle board and at only 18 lb he can carry it himself.

I recently purchased this SOT kayak from Dunham's on sale for $179 and it is worth every penny! It's not the fastest kayak on the water but it is incredibly stable, tracks well and has a 300lb weight capacity. The kayak weighs 43lbs so it can be carried on top of a vehicle pretty easily.

This last weekend I was out on the local lake with some with some boats kicking up 2+ foot high swells and the kayak handled it like a champ! I barely even got wet! Plus there is tons of storage space on this yak. I'm planning to buy a second one for my wife. The molded seat is pretty comfortable. There are scupper holes in the seat, but if put in the included plugs you should stay nice and dry.