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Rattlesnake Falls Out of a Tree & Bites Kayaker Twice

A South Carolina man is in critical condition after being bitten twice by a rattlesnake that fell out of a tree and into his kayak. He was paddling with friends on the Edisto River this past Saturday. His friends captured the snake and called 911 when the event happened and the bitten man was taken to the hospital where he received the anti-venom. Later he was moved to ICU.

**UPDATE: The day after this story came out, the cousin of the "victim" came out saying that the true story happened another way. The man that was bit did not get bitten by a rattlesnake that fell out of a tree but instead by a swimming snake that he thought was an alligator. We don't know why he would want to try to grab an alligator but he tried to do so and in turn got bit on the hand twice by the swimming rattlesnake.**

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