Getting Started with SUP Yoga

SUP yoga is exploding in popularity because anyone can do it, it's challenging, and it takes complete focus. So when you get that combination of stand up paddling, yoga, water, nature, all of that rolled into one, it's a beautiful experience. The other cool thing about yoga is the moment you step on your paddle board there's underlying muscles that aren't really used on a stable ground that kick in immediately with the unstable surface of the paddle board. So it's a total body workout from head to toe.

I've had so many people come out for the first time that have never experienced stand up paddling or ever been to a yoga class. So it reaches a really wide audience. They feel very stable. They have a great time. As long as you can swim and feel comfortable around water, you can come out and enjoy SUP yoga. And for experienced yogis, it brings you back to the beginning of your practice. It gives you fresh eyes, a whole new platform to play on.


So how you get started in SUP yoga is find an instructor - a certified instructor - in your area and take a group or a private class. If that's not available to you and you feel comfortable on a board already, then check out all of our SUP yoga videos on Stand Up Paddling TV. A great one to start with is the beginner's practice. So let's take a look at the gear and accessories that's going to make your practice really smooth.


The most important piece of equipment is your board. You also need a paddle, a leash, anchors for doing your yoga practice. Under my bungee I have an inflatable life vest, and a water bottle, and my class card. And there's a transitional anchor at the nose so that I can anchor at the nose and tail so my board isn't swinging in the wind.


So as I said, the most important piece of equipment is your board. I like the BIC Cross. It's 10 feet long and 33 inches wide, and it's got a really nice flat deck. The deck pad runs from nose to tail, and it's super soft. But it's also super grippy. With the anchoring point at the nose and at the tail, I'm able to anchor from either end. There's attachments also for the bungee system so that you can carry your water, your life jacket, and your class card. In addition for being a great board for yoga, it's also just fun to paddle.

So I hope that helps you get started in SUP yoga. And I hope you enjoy your new journey of this ever evolving practice on the water.

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