SUP Cardio Workout

This is Jodelle Fitzwater with Bic SUP, and this episode is all about cardio. We're gonna get you winded, get your heart rate up a little bit, and have some fun. If you need to modify, I'll be showing that, but make sure you just listen to your body, do what you can do. For all you racers out there, one of these exercises will be great to help you get up and down off your board quickly in the event of a fall during the race. So let's get started.

So we're starting with burpees. You won't need your paddle on this one, so you can either tie it off to the side or you can set it right down the middle of your board like I'm gonna do, and just keep it out of the way. I'm gonna show you the basic modified movement and then you can enhance it with a little jumping if you so choose. So start with your arms up, feet nice and wide, you're gonna squat down, hands on the board, step back to a plank position, and then step back up. So we're just gonna keep repeating this. This is the gentle version you can try on your own. You'll do about 10 of these. I'm just gonna demonstrate a couple here. Then if you wanna take it a little bit further, that's when you're gonna start jumping. So you'll jump up, squat down, jump back, and then jump back in. Jump up, down, back, and in. Let's try one more. And there you go, that should get your heart rate up pretty well.

So the next one is a great exercise for you racers out there to make you more efficient at getting up and down off your board. And it's a really great workout cardiovascular, and as well you get to get down into the drink and get cooled off a little bit. So we're gonna come down to the board, onto our knees. This one you'll definitely wanna keep your paddle out of the way. If you don't tie it off to the side, like maybe with your leash or something, which I'll go ahead and do that. So we'll tie it off. But if you don't tie it off, you can always just drop the paddle in the water and then swim over to get it when you're done. That's all part of the workout too, if you have to swim to get your paddle, it just makes for more calorie burn. So let that go.

So in the middle of the board, what you're gonna do is you're gonna drop off to the right side, all the way down into the water. Once you're in the water, you're gonna reach one arm all the way across the board, pull yourself up to your belly and then back up to your knees. You'll do the same thing going down into the other side. So let's begin. So you're gonna drop off to the side, drop your knees down into the water. Once you're all the way down into the water, reach the arm across the board, pull up to your belly, pull up to your knees, and back on the board. Other side. All the way down into the water. Reach one arm all the way across, pull up to the belly and then back up to your knees. You're gonna do this as fast as you can. Here we go. Down into the water, up onto the board, back up to the knees. Down into the water, reach across the board, back up to the knees. Keep going. Down into the water, reach across the board, up to the belly, back up to the knees. Down into the water, reach across the board, pull up to the belly, and back up to the knees. Once you've done that about 10 times, you'll really get your heart rate up, as well as the next time you're in a race, you're gonna get on that board really fast if you fall in.

So I also wanna give you a good cardiovascular workout by using your board as a kickboard. If you've ever been in kind of a swim class type of setting and you used those little kickboards that you put on your stomach, we're gonna use your board just like that. So what I'm gonna have you do is lose the anchor, tie your stuff off. We're going to the back edge of the board. You're gonna put your belly on the board and your legs will be hanging off. Arms are reaching up on the board, and we're gonna paddle our way about 50 yards one direction and about 50 yards back the other direction. So make sure you go all the way down to your belly on the back end of the board. Your legs are just going to be kicking the entire time while your arms are bracing the board. Keep kicking forward, do as much as you can in one direction and come back the other direction. Ideally, you wanna work up to 50 yards in one direction and then 50 yards back. Once you're finished, you can tie yourself back off and we'll continue our workout.

Whew, I hope your heart rate is up just like mine is. That's a great cardio workout!

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