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RIP Necky

From the Necky Facebook Page: "The time has come to say farewell to the Necky brand, but this isn't goodbye! …

Canoe Movie

This is a movie trailer that highlights the evocative and beautiful short documentary film by Goh Iromoto. The…

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Ancient Kayak Clothing - Form Fit for Function

Imagine kayaking in the unforgiving North Pacific Ocean, where on even a warm day, the water temperature rarel…

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In The Native Tradition – Deck Line Beads

Imagine yourself as a native paddler, drifting stealthily into killing range of a spotted seal. You've got to …

Evolution of the Ancient Skin Boats

Ever imagine what the evolutionary jump felt like between crossing a river bear-hugging a floating log and tha…

Tags: Kayak, Canoe

Kayak Design and Construction of the Ancient Paddlers

It’s somewhere along the north Pacific Rim, early spring. You need to build a boat in which you will hunt seal…

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The Canoe Pack Barrel

The pack barrel's story goes back to the mid-1980s when a group of canoe guides from Ottawa, including Wally S…

Tags: Canoe, camping, gear, Safety

The Canadian

By Claudia Kerckhoff Van WijkDirector, Madawaska Kanu Centre The "Canadian" on this page is not referrin…

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