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How to Forecast the Weather

Becoming an accurate weather forecaster while on a trip will certainly get you respect. The only danger of cou…

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A Paddler's Bailout Bag

A good emergency kit can make the difference between a dangerous, life-threatening survival experience and, we…

Tags: Kayak, Safety, gear

6 Quick Tips for Canoe Camping

One of the best parts about meeting up with a group of fellow paddlers is gaining some extra tips and tricks. …

Tags: Canoe, camping, gear, Sleeping Bags

Camping Gear Features That Don't Cut It

Dozens of new canoeing and camping products are introduced every year.  Some are honestly useful;  o…

Tags: gear

Dehydrating Food for Paddling Trips (part 2)

Homemade dehydrated food is the ideal way to bring variety to multiday kayak trips. It reduces the bulk and th…

Tags: food, cooking, recipes, Family

Footwear for Camp & Trail

American paddler, Cliff Jacobson, and I love to debate about camp tips and gear. It's what we do while hanging…

Tags: Clothing, gear, camping

Dehydrating Food for Paddling Trips

For many years I've been an avid sea kayaker who resisted the temptation to dehydrate my food before any given…

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Base Layer Basics

Our skin is our body’s largest organ, the ultimate “base” layer of protection.  It only makes sense then …

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Compactible Gear for Paddlers

I had just spent what seemed like hours painstakingly loading my kayak at McCargoe Cove, Isle Royale. We had h…

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