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Camping & Survival

Camping & Survival


A Better Box of Mac & Cheese

Boxed macaroni and cheese makes a memorable camp dinner - for all the wrong reasons. But not all macaroni chee…

Tags: In The Sameboat, camping, food

A Paddler's Bailout Bag

A good emergency kit can make the difference between a dangerous, life-threatening survival experience and, we…

Tags: Kayak, Safety, gear

Break(fast)ing Bad

Camping meals have come a long way from the days of beans, bannock, and bacon. And there's no doubt that we …

Tags: In The Sameboat, camping, food, alimentary

A Paddler’s Spice Rack

Well, in my quiet countryside that is usually covered with a white blanket of snow at this time of year, the p…

Tags: recipes, cooking, camping

Yes, It's True: They CAN Shoot You From Shore

Stopping a bullet isn't very high on the list of dangers run by paddlers. But it does happen. So this week Tam…

Tags: In The Sameboat, Safety

6 Quick Tips for Canoe Camping

One of the best parts about meeting up with a group of fellow paddlers is gaining some extra tips and tricks. …

Tags: Canoe, camping, gear, Sleeping Bags

When Old Clothes Become Old Friends

Who'd have thought that a column on old clothes would resonate with readers? But that's just what Tamia's re…

Tags: In The Sameboat, camping, gear

Real Concerns of a Wilderness Canoeist

Previously, I wrote about some perceived fears of first time wilderness canoeists. This time, I wanted to addr…

Tags: canoeing, wilderness, concerns, Safety, Cliff Jacobson

Nutty Pasta for the Backcountry

Spaghetti with tomato sauce is familiar camp fare. But it starts to pall after the third night. So Tamia has a…

Tags: In The Sameboat, food, alimentary, recipes