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Best New Gear From Paddlesports Retailer

Last week in Madison, Wisconsin the Paddlesports Retailer show was held which showcased watersports brands and their products for the upcoming year. And let us tell you, there are are some amazing products coming! We picked a few of our favorites to give you a little hint of what next year, and the future of paddlesports, is holding. Check them out below!

Tango Carbon, Tango Fiberglass, Whiskey Carbon, Whiskey Fiberglass

Welcome to effortless efficiency. The new Whiskey and Tango performance kayak models are available in both Carbon and Fiberglass versions. The Whiskey is designed for high-angle paddlers while the Tango is shaped to deliver low-angle results, both with minimal effort. Check out the Tango Carbon, Tango Fiberglass, Whiskey Carbon, Whiskey Fiberglass.

Mirage Compass

The Mirage Compass is the latest addition to Hobie's fleet of award-winning kayaks. Powered by the MirageDrive pedal system, the Compass glides easily across the water and has a sharp turning radius.

Deluxe Wall Mount Rack

The patented and most popular storage rack, the Deluxe Rack suspends your watercraft on straps for total protection from hard surfaces. The Deluxe Rack is perfect for end of season storage.

6 Other Exciting Pieces of Gear from PSR

Too many to count, but here are 6 more that were at the top of the excitement list:

  1. Khimera PFD - These PFD's are the next evolution in floatation using both foam and air for maximum flotation and minimal bulk.
  2. Kula 2.5 - The KULA is a tool for your life. Lightweight, circular, easy to carry, tough as nails and designed to keep ice till the cows come home. 
  3. Atmos Clothing - Season Five clothing is made with a new waterproof, breathable, 4-way stretch, sun blocking fabric that has been designed for watersports. 
  4. Delta 10AR - This boat brings a whole new level of performance to the world of recreational kayaks. With its ‘Fusion Hull’ design, it clips along with remarkable speed and agility while maintaining a high degree of stability.
  5. Scubajet - The eco-friendy jet-engine is based on an emission free motor and like an e-bike for the water. It turns almost every water sports gadget into high-performance gear.
  6. Kayak Customizer - Have you ever dreamt of making a fully custom kayak? Now you can with P&H's kayak customizer! Watch your kayak come to form as you change the exterior color and internal preferences step by step.

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