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7 Must-Have Kayak Products and 1 You've Never Heard Of

Check out seven hand-selected and water-tested kayaking products that will elevate your time out on the water. Plus find the newest and smallest wound-repair device for your first aid kit.

The 7 Must-Haves

  1. The Catch 130 Hydryve - Pelican International. The Catch 130 Hydryve brings pedal drive technology within reach on this 12’6” rudder controlled fishing kayak, making the dream a reality!
  2. Sitka LT - Eddyline Kayaks. The Sitka LT is designed for the paddler looking for a lightweight, high performing kayak with effortless maneuverability and a perfect fit.
  3. Mako 12 - Riot Kayaks. The Riot Mako 12 is an exceptional fishing kayak. Its rudder system and pedal drive will keep the ride smooth and enjoyable.
  4. Santee 140 Tandem - Hurricane Kayaks. The Santee 140 Tandem is a tandem kayak with a solo soul and lightweight attitude. 
  5. Slayer Propel 12 LT - Native Watercraft. The Slayer Propel 12 LT is a thermoformed ABS fishing craft that is outfitted to be fishing ready with groove tracks and flush-mounted rod holders.
  6. Universal Portable Boat Stands - Suspenz. Take these stands anywhere - it is great for washing and rigging your boat or a portable storage rack!
  7. YakPad Paddle Saddle with Low Backrest - Cascade Creek. Yakpads gel seats are designed to increase the seat comfort of any kayak or canoe by incorporating an elastomer gel (same is as used in bicycle saddles) into the cushioning which virtually eliminate potential pressure points.

And The 1 You've Never Heard Of


by ZipLine Medical

ZipStitch is the most advanced wound repair device available without a prescription. Non-invasive & easy to use, wherever you may be. Treat minor cuts on the spot with surgical technology. Avoid the pain, hassle and out-of-pocket costs associated with a trip for stitches.

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