Paddling Holiday Gift Guide

If you're doing some Christmas List reconnaissance for your favorite paddler or looking for a few extra last minute gifts, you're in luck. From the epic gift that won't fit underneath the Christmas tree to some paddling-inspired stocking stuffers, there's bound to be something that screams, "Best Christmas Ever!"

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Here's the list, check it twice!

Santa Will Need a Trailer Behind the Sleigh for These

Pull out all the stops, and get your favorite paddler the boat or board of their dreams! Some of our favorites include:

A Few Inconspicuously Sized Boxes Under the Tree

If the person you are gifting to is anything like us, they’ll find unbridled excitement in receiving new gear and using it on their next paddling adventure. Here are some of the items on our wish lists this year:

Dry Bags - There is nothing worse than wet gear, but luckily dry bags come in a variety of sizes and styles to keep your belongings dry on any type of outing. A paddler can never have too many dry bags!

Base Layers - It can sometimes be difficult to figure out what to wear paddling. Luckily, this moisture-wicking shirt is the perfect base layer, and they’ll want it in every color. Bonus points for being fair trade and sustainable!

Electronics - Cameras, GPS systems, and fish finders make time spent on the water more fun and efficient. Your favorite paddler will be grinning from ear to ear when they unwrap one of these items!

PFDs - A personal floatation device may not always be the most exciting item to purchase, but it is the most important! If your person’s PFD is old and raggedy, a new life vest is an awesome gift, and will keep them safe for years to come.

Fitness - For those of us that live in colder climates, the off-season can be such a bummer. However, time spent off the water can be used training for the next paddling season. A balance board or exercise ball are great pieces of equipment that can help paddlers practice on land.

Misc. Gear - These items are great for making a paddling session more comfortable and enjoyable.

Small Stocking Stuffers to Make Any Paddler Happy

These gifts may be small in size, but they will definitely be useful on any paddling adventure. Your loved ones will thank you!

Clothing - Small clothing items such as gloves and socks make great stocking stuffers, and will keep them warm on the water.

Safety Gear - Safety gear, such as waterproof phone pouches and deck lights are great little gifts that can make a big impact on keeping paddlers safe on the water.

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