Outdoorsman 300

Outdoorsman 300 Description

The versatile Outdoorsman lets you create a top-of-vehicle truck rack system for your full-size pickup truck--without the need for a camper shell--while providing full access to the truck bed and tailgate. Also the perfect rack solution for everyday hauling of ladders and lumber. Sold in pairs; combine single pair with racks on truck roof or combine two pairs for complete system.

Additional Attributes

  • Clamps onto truck bed rails without any drilling
  • Heavy-duty construction handles up to 300 lbs.
  • Weight: 25.00 lbs
  • Dimensions: L 16.00" x W 2.00" x H 29.00"

Yakima Products, Inc.
Outdoorsman 300 Reviews

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Nissan Frontier has no way…

Submitted by: cazippler on 8/2/2018

Nissan Frontier has no way to install a roof rack. I bought the tall (for full size truck rack) because the curve of the canoe would put the canoe end on top of the cab with short rack. They work well I leave them on 24/7 canoe bow stops just before windshield of truck. Front tie down is the only way I know boat is still loaded.


I purchased this rack system…

Submitted by: informed on 7/27/2013
I purchased this rack system for my GMC Sierra. It installed easily, but I would have liked to have seen some way to 'lock' the racks to my vehicle. It would seem that if the attachment bolt had a hole in it a small lock would stop removal. My truck is a 4x4, so the rack height is pretty high from the ground, so an assist system like the hully roller is quite helpful. I have used it with my Kayak atop about 500 miles so far and have had no problems.

well, I have had the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/31/2011
well, I have had the Outdoorsman Rack set up for several years now and there are a couple of things that need to be looked at occasionally. most recently I gave the rack system a quick once over and found one of the crossbars unusually loose. Upon inspection I discovered one of the capscrews had simply sheared off with the other not far behind. The broken screw section had to be drilled out removed and then I replaced all of them with new stainless screws that I hope are stronger than the factory ones. It was scary how easily I was able to drill the old screw out with a cheap chinese drill bit! the other thing to check frequently is where the upright sections bolt to the bed, especially if your bed rail is partially plastic, your bed rail may require modification for a good fit.

I bought my rack system from…

Submitted by: paddler233307 on 8/14/2009
I bought my rack system from Rack Warehouse about 4 years ago. I also got hully rollers and mako saddles with the locks. I first fitted the system to a 2001 Frontier quad cab and the system worked great. I like having the boats up and out of the way when you are driving. It is especially nice to be able to use all of your bed for other gear.

I since traded the Frontier to an F150 Supercrew. Since the system attaches to the bed rails, and the F150 bed rails are probably at 5' high, it makes the yaks extremely high when packed up on the Ford. I still prefer all the space. You can also use tarp bungees to attach fishing rods and other long gear you don't want loose in the back of the truck.

I've driven mine on both trucks probably over 8000 miles and never had a problem. I haven't used the bow and stern straps in the past two years either because it seemed like overkill. I do recommend getting the Yakima rubber padded straps - it will eventually save you a windshield.


Decided on the Outdoorsman…

Submitted by: motomike on 6/12/2008
Decided on the Outdoorsman 300 compact after talking it over with the reps from Yakima who were at Canoecopia.

I ordered mine from Rack Warehouse. Though the price was not the lowest I could find, it was close and when paired with their free shipping it was the best deal. Ordered online. Very user friendly site. 2 days from order to delivery.

I put a pair of Outdoorsman 300's on my 2001 S-10. Total install time was less than an hour. No drilling, just needed a 3/4 inch wrench and the included Allen wrench to clamp in the cross bars. I also got the required cross bars (58") and a set of the gunwale stops which are easy to adjust and really secure my Nova Craft Pal.

These racks are very sturdy. Rated for 300 pounds, so the canoe and even a few would be no problem. I use a ratchet tie downs with hooks that go fit the cross bars. Be careful not to over tighten. Once transported 150 miles at highway speed, no problemo. Didn’t budge a bit. For long trips I use bow and stern lines as well.

A quality product at a fair price. If I had any concern it would be that with a 3/4 inch wrench and 20 minutes, someone could make off with my rack system. So I need to find a way to secure it. I highly recommend the system.


I use my 300 on a Tacoma and…

Submitted by: string on 6/9/2008
I use my 300 on a Tacoma and think it is great. Very sturdy. No worries about losing a boat that is properly strapped to one of these.

I have a Ranger long bed and…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/19/2008
I have a Ranger long bed and went with the full size partly because it was on sale. Yes it does make the boats ride a little high, but I paired it with the Hully Rollers in back and the Mako saddles in the front. I know someone who has a Ranger and has the compact size and when he transports his Spirit II, the stern hits the cab, however, with the full size rack on a compact truck, boats with rocker ride a little higher and you won't dent the top of your cab. Overall a good all around product.

Bought the outdoorsman 300…

Submitted by: paddler231588 on 5/25/2006
Bought the outdoorsman 300 for my Toyota Tacoma TRD, because the same truck was on the box. Nowhere on the box, in the instructions, or on the internet was I told it would not fit the Tacoma TRD with a bed liner. Instructions just said that sometimes with a bedliner, you have to cut into it. So, I did. But this is no bedliner, it is a fiberglass bed, with no finished steel bed underneath. Now the rack is installed, my bed looks like hell, and though I've carried a canoe only once, ten miles each way, the rack is cracking the paint on my side walls.

got one for my ford ranger…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/21/2003
got one for my ford ranger after shopping around for the limited choices for pickups. matched with a single bar on top of the cab this is by far the most sturdy/economical setup going. im very satisfied.

I have the Outdoorsman on my…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/3/2003
I have the Outdoorsman on my Toyota Tundra. I have it matched with a single Yakima bar over the cab. This arrangement keeps the boats centered over the truck. When I ordered it Yakima told me to get the full size. It was way too tall. I think I was the first one to order it for the Tundra. The replaced it with the compact size which is perfect. Nice design. No drilling and it is fairly solid.

I've got the Outdoorsman on…

Submitted by: PKM on 5/22/2003
I've got the Outdoorsman on my Dakota and sure it rides a bit high but that allows me to load up the back with bikes or what not. Good rack for the price and I like the saddles.

Purchased the model to fit a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/1/2003
Purchased the model to fit a full size pickup, way to tall, be sure to measure from the pickup sides to the roof. I have a full size '99 Chev and the kayak rides atleast a foot above the roof line. Next to impossible to retrieve or load. Really not impressed.